Decluttering at the Speed of Life Book Review

Decluttering at the Speed of Life
Author: Dana K White
Genre: Non- ‘fiction, lifestyle
Available from: Feb 2018 @ Amazon

Decluttering is good

First let me acknowledge this fact, there are studies at show that people are happier when they live in neat and tidy homes. Hoarding is another diagnosis in the list of mental illness, because attaching emotions to stuff ain’t healthy. There are people who also successfully found a calling in helping other declutter, something like a friend who asks if you really need three cheese graters in your kitchen.

Then there’s this book

Don’t get me wrong, this is a book based on Dana White’s personal experience with stuff. She has good tips and tricks if you are having problems with the D word. I know I do, but I have my own process. Dana goes through rooms and annoyingly repeats the same process in words. Copy and paste can be monotonous for a while, I think she should declutter this book too.


I am pretty lame at keeping my house neat

Even before kids, my husband has always been the neat freak of the relationship. I have two pom pom makers, and two full knitting holders full of knitting needles. Am I going to knit again? Sure, one day… I like it as a hobby but I am terrible at it. Children + knitting needles = disaster. So I am sticking to Lego and Play-Doh for now.  Mind you, my needles are aluminium, which was cheap when my mom bought it, not so now.


Ironically, this book may or may not be clutter itself. If you need this book, buying this book ain’t going to magically change your house into a stuff free environment. You may be better off paying someone to help you see the full picture, rather than reading and trying to understand why you are drowning in stuff yourself. Worse, if you have another two or three similar titles, forget about this one.

And if you are thinking of someone when you are reading this, probably buy this for a birthday, as a not so subtle hint.

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6 thoughts on “Decluttering at the Speed of Life Book Review

  1. I try to have a big clean out twice a year but it’s the little items that are placed on tables or kitchen benches that causes clutter at our house. And my bookshelves but those are strictly off limits. Unless the book comes with a person who will not only help me but motivate me, it probably wouldn’t be of much help sadly. And that cupboard is neat!

    1. i think the writer meant really bad clutter .. like mountains of clothes and things piling up that we don’t really need? I do my clean out when I remember, hehe so my house is a mess

    1. it kinda would be =)
      yeah I totally understand, I have boxes full of clothes, yarns and needles, oh my hubby doesn’t say anything because “it’s important!”

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