Olay Eyes : The Ultimate Eye Cream Review

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Olay Eyes Trial Team Member

I had received this eye cream by being part of a trial team in a website. Beautyheaven is a wonderful place to be if you  love being a part of a community that supports each other and share everything about looking beautiful. If you haven’t heard of it, I encourage you to go have a look. Not promoting the place, but I have been in the community for years, and it’s pretty nice.

So I got this Olay Eyes, the picture below is pretty cute. I got the spatula/ ball from Japan, it was around AUD2, which was cheap for this plastic, mainly because I didn’t find it here in Adelaide.
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It came in a pretty big box, honesty I think it is a waste of space and a big contributor to landfill. I certainly wished that the box could be smaller, or at least be recyclable or biodegradable. Of course, how the packaging looks can attract buys, but in this case, I do not find it a positive component.

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Big box for small jar

Then it was the issue of it being in a jar, I do not have issues with facial creams in a jar, but somehow wasn’t impressed with Olay Eyes in a jar. First reaction was: why? then it was how am I going to use this?

I am very used to eye creams coming in a tube, mainly because I do not have to touch it. But tube means I can control the amount coming out, by deciding how gently I want to squeeze the tube. Plus, you can attach cool applicators on the end of the tube, to help with making your eyes look their best.

My two gripes, this will affect me going back for more. I am really not a eye cream jar person. I am greedy when it comes to creams, and my eyes aren’t going to benefit much from over enthusiasm.


The first eye cream I own that comes in skin color. Actually, that is a positive for me. It is lighter than my skin tone, hence it acts like a little highlighter. A little because it is not obvious, for one. Looking less like a raccoon, so that claim is true! Yay!

Okay, so Olay Eyes does work pretty well, but it kinda sticks around. The lightweight helps keep it hidden, you will not feel it. I only knew that it leaves residue was because I had accidentally touched my eyes with a wet hand (slobbered with saliva wet) and I felt the slippery tell tale sign. While I accept that some creams take time to absorb, half and hour is definitely too long.


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I still have my Dr Lewinn’s Eternal Youth eye cream when I received Olay Eyes. This is a comparison in my own opinion, totally biased because I like Dr Lewinn’s so much. First of all, it comes in a tube and applicator at the end. The flat tip is to dab the cream onto your skin, instead of little blobs, totally hands free. You know how much bacteria your hands will have handling things right?

Another thing is, Eternal Youth absorbs faster, and both a lightweight cream.

If the price difference is not much, I will still remain a firm fan of Eternal Youth. It will take a lot to convince me that Olay Eyes is the one for me.

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2 thoughts on “Olay Eyes : The Ultimate Eye Cream Review

  1. I’m EXACTLY the same Ailyn, I need applicators! The problem with little jars is that they’re also often made of glass and bathrooms are tiled surfaces. Some of us are super clumsy. I love that it comes in a tint but did it eventually absorb? I’m not much of a fan of Olay, over the years I’ve brought products and they’re really no better than cheaper supermarket brands, just with inflated prices. Thanks for taking one for the team <3

    1. hahah not a problem, especially I don’t have to regret that I bought it 😉
      applicators are an essential to all eye creams. Agree about Olay being over priced, I remember that it was a lot cheaper when I was a kid.

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