What 2016 Taught Me & Looking Forward to 2017

What 2016 Taught Me

  1. Beauty Products multitask better than men

    bareMinerals Prime Time

    Look at this BareMinerals BB Primer Cream with SPF 30, it is a primer and a BB cream. It can protect, perfect and prime your skin in one go! So you can have ridiculously flawless skin while avoiding skin cancer. Plus, no extra layer before makeup.

    Seriously, if you find a guy who can do all three so well at the same time, you have a keeper. I wonder if I can trade this for my husband?

  2. Books can be pretty too


    Enter Illuminae, The book that looks fantastic on the inside, it is still a story, but written in multiple formats. The contents are quite artistically done, words swirl around as a visual aid to help me imagine as the characters get sucked into a position that is desperate. The slight problem: I did not like it. Before you throw a book at me, let me explain.

    I did like the pretty format, but the story is somewhat lacking. With all the dramas going on, it is understandable that people forget. However, this book is mostly just a few people spiraling into certain death for unknown reasons. Book 2, Gemina will provide them. Both books are out already, so you do not have to wait to read both.

  3. The Adelaide Zoo can be a depressing place

    2016 saw me returning to the zoo for the sake of my sanity. Going back to the zoo made me realize that some of the older residents have gone to the heavens up above. I said it before that Zoos are full of old and sick animals (read it here) so it is not surprising to have exhibits go empty from one week to the next. Thankfully Prince Brat had enough break that he didn’t realize that the blind otter was missing from the pack.

  4. Nothing is permanent

    I lost my job, while I was on maternity leave. Got the call out of the blue, with my manager explaining that they (my employers) have lost the contract to the hospital (where I work). The hospital wanted a full overhaul, so everyone had to reapply for their positions. Needless to say, being on maternity leave with a 4 week old baby was not going to help me get a job.

    So now I am jobless, looking for a kind soul to hire me as a professional drug dealer again. Did I mention that the pharmacy sector has been hit so hard by cuts to medication prices, that several stores are downsizing staff? It is not funny how one position can have 200 applications.

  5. 2 Children Nightmare

    I honestly do not know how people with multiple kids survive being sane. I know I cannot, even with the bigger age gap (read 3) between Prince and Princess Brat, it is hard. So far, holding Princess in my arms as she naps while I play Lego with Prince with my other hand. It sounds fun, but it is not. Sometimes dinner has to wait, then I have cake for snack.

    Now I have to lose weight due to all that unhealthy eating. Please do not tell me that I will lose the weight after, it does not work that way. Dear pregnant first time mums, that is what people say to placate you, it is a lie! 2016 ended up in a weight gain, what to do?

Looking Forward to 2017

  1. New Babies

    I will be getting a new nephew in January, and another niece/ nephew May. Plus friends who are expecting, the excitement and anticipation of being new parents can be quite infective. But for now, Princess Brat is too young for me to be clucky, I am not keen on having kids with close age gaps. I only have a pair of hands, and Prince Brat is still holding one of them.

    Then again, I already have two kids, my brain cells are begging me to stop and adopt a book.

  2. High Tech Masks

    2 Step Synergy Effect Mask – Double Enhanced Moisturizing

    Can you believe that I missed this? Of course you can, I have been living in a cave. Allow me to translate, the black top half is to rehydrate, while the bottom mask is to tighten. Asians love a narrow chin, which is why the picture will attract more Asian buyers. However, masks are ever going to become more multitasking. That seems to be the trend for skin care and beauty products.

    I am not complaining, being time poor, I need efficient products. This Sexy Look 2 Step Effect Mask is around $20 before discount, and will reduce double chins, also rehydrate dry skin. Definitely will try this if I get my hands on it. Don’t hold your breath, as I have a box full of sheet masks to go through before I can buy more.

  3. New Job

    This will be my 4th job change in 9 years, it is annoying to see that I cannot hold down a job for longer than three years. Not by my choice too, there are many factors involving losing a job. Just like how 2016 saw the end of my employment due to no contract renewal. Am I sad? Yes, of course. However, I am used to it.

    Depressing as it sounds, I try hard to stay at one place, but with the present economy, it will be a miracle to have a job at all. On the plus note, I can use the time I have to write. Maybe writing can be my new job description.

  4. New Books

    Here are just some of the books that I am looking forwards to in 2017!

  5. New Adventures

    If you are reading this until the end, I hope that you can be part of my new adventure. Every day is a new adventure, as Gandhi said:

    “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

    This is to thank those who take time to read what I write, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I hope that your adventures will bring you to new heights and experiences. Life is about the moments, let’s make it count.

See you next year



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  1. I adore posts like this, and it’s always so nice to reflect!

    In regards to number three, I’m new to this blog and all but scrap it all and yes do writing as a job! Yes yes yes! That sounds super cool and badass.

    And Woah that Caraval book looks awesome, I’d love to read it!

    Little Moon Elephant

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