2017 One Word Blog Hop : My One Word

2017 One Word Blog Hop

hosted by Create With Joy

2o17 is here! This is my first blog hop.

I used Canva to create with cool mountain photo for my word for 2017. I hate making New Year’s Resolution, because I never stick to it. But when I visited Create with Joy, the idea of One Word does not seem as daunting. Yes, my word for 2017 is Work.

Why Work? There are plenty of word choices that could inspire and maybe move towards a better year, but I had chosen a word that represents drudgery and boredom for most people. Here are 5 reasons why I chose Work as my 2017 word of the year.

1. I lost my job

Yes I did lose my job in November, I mentioned that a few posts back. I have a love hate relationship with my career path. Being a pharmacist is very much like being any health professional, it is a job that requires us meddling with people’s lives. Seriously, if someone stuffs up medications, someone could seriously get hurt. Much like a nurse who accidentally stabs an artery instead of a vein, or a doctor who misdiagnosed medical conditions.

It is not just about sticking on a label with your name and instructions on a pretty bottle, and tell you how to take it. Most healthy people do not need us, but I can tell you how many lives I potentially saved when I pick up problems like allergies and side effects.

Anyway, since I lost this one, I have to look for a new one.

2. I have a goal

A few goals actually, but what is life without goals to reach right? Short term one is to find a job I like, with the hours that I need.

My long-term goal is to make it as a writer, if I can reach this one, it will be a dream come true for me. It is not a hard goal to reach, I am blogging now, that counts as writing. However, I aim to make Writer or Author my job description, because of the next reason.

3. My kids need work

I am sure that a lot of parents are rolling their eyes, or a lot of confused people wondering why this should be a reason. Prince Brat is four, and he is bilingual (I only say this tentatively). He does speak fluent Mandarin and English, but he also can speak and understand a little Fujian, a dialect of Fujian Province in China, which is actually my mother tongue *and dad’s but he’s hopeless*

Keeping children alive is a challenge, but ensuring them to grow into good adults is harder than any game on hardest setting. They are constantly unpredictable, sucks all your hard-earned money away, and it as thankless as people could get.

4, Money don’t grow on trees

You and I both hope that it does grow on trees, and a long time ago, it did grew on trees. But now my savings is going down with no job and two kids. Thankfully, dad still has a job, but life can be hard on a single income. If you have a job for me, let me know =)

Money do not grow on trees, which is why I have to find work that pays. If I am rich as Santa (he is real, by the way) I would just blog as a hobby and not worry about money. But since I have to find money, my passion would either bring in the dough, or gets relegated as a past time.

5, Life is about work

A lot of people will tell you that life is about work. Some people find work fulfilling, most find it a drag. Like my kids, working to make them a good person is tiring and fulfilling. Trying to tell a patient that antidepressants are not to be taken whenever needed can be worse than telling my kid to stop jumping off the couch. Life is about work, I guess it is also my meaning of life.

If I do not work, what else would I do?

Please do not answer that, I am sure there are a lot of things to do in lieu of working.

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5 thoughts on “2017 One Word Blog Hop : My One Word

  1. I am so sorry about your job loss. Hopefully this shut door is just opening a better one for you. Maybe this is the opportunity you need to work on writing to achieve your dream of being a writer.

    And I completely get it about kids needing work. As a mom of 5, ages 9 to 16, there’s always work to be done with them (either working helping them become better people or working because of the work they’ve created for me LOL).

  2. Where would we honestly be without pharmacists. Not only do they give advice, often diagnose non serious illnesses but they’re the ones who treat us. I’m so sorry you’re under that strain at the moment sweetheart. I don’t have children, but care for my elderly mother and we survive on one income too. It can be a real challenge at times. Keeping all my fingers and toes crossed <3

    1. aww thanks! it is hard. your mom is so lucky to have a caring person like you looking after her. I say that because I know how hard it is to look after a person

    2. thank you! well. without pharmacists, studies did show that people would be going back to hospital a lot more often. You must have great relationship with your mother, they are the best thing everyone has

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