Kose Suncut UV Protect Essence SPF 50

8jan 10Kose Suncut… where have you been all my life?

This I got from Japan while holidaying last year. I finally finished my Cetaphil Sunscreen, so I finally get to open this! Kose Suncut is at the moment the best UV lotion ever! Even the light La Roche Posay could not beat it, too bad I had to fly all the way to Japan for this.

When you squeeze the essence out, it is a gel that smooths over the skin. Too bad that I cannot read a word of Japanese, would love to find out what is actually in this. It glides on and does not have that greasy, sticky feel afterwards. It does have a cooling feeling, which is even more surprising.

For someone who has tried so many different brands, I do not think that I can go back to the Australian brand of sunscreen. I mean, this ‘water’ essence is light and does not leave residue, it proudly advertises that you can layer this before you put your makeup on (that was in Kanji)

Kanji is similar to traditional Chinese writing, hence I could guess when there are enough of it in a text. Aside from the awesome glide, you still have to reapply your sunscreen frequently. So it still sucks because this essence will still ruin your makeup, I hope to try a compact powder with SPF later, when I get my hands on one.

Have You Been Using Sunscreen?

Come on, by now there are enough scientific studies and experiences from other beauty bloggers that sunscreen is important. Sun damage is hard to reverse, if you can do it at all. Preventing is the key here, and this Kose Suncut has just made it easier for you. There is no excuse now.

If you keep forgetting, here is a catchy song by the Australian government to remind you. Let Sid the Seagull haunt you to the ends of the world! Bwahahaha.

I love Sid, he is so cute. There are older versions of him on Youtube, he is very old. By the looks of his feathers, he definitely looked after his body well 😉

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