3W Mask Sheets (they really do work)

3W Mask Sheets

I am currently using this brand of sheet mask, here are the links for the types of 3W mask
Pomegranate: Strawbs, Amazon
Snail Mask: Strawbs , Amazon
Syn-ake: Strawbs

These were bought online from the same place, they were on discount. The 3W brand is made in Korea, and made of cotton. Pardon the blurry photo, but I have shaky hands. Interestingly, it is only the Syn- Ake mask sheet that has the “eye patch”, so if you want to put it that way like I did you can =D


I do love this brand, first of all the price is not too steep. If you need something for acne prone, yet not too drying, the pomegranate mask is good. Everyone knows that pomegranate is a good antioxidant, so this one is perfect if you want to prevent pimples and slow down the ageing process.

As for the snail mask, I have reviewed other brands here. Made from secretions of real snail, the mask helps keep the skin radiant and elastic. Don’t worry, they are raised in proper conditions and do not carry icky bugs or parasites.

Syn-ake is actually synthetic, it is snake venom that is made in the lab. They just find it cheaper and safer to manufacture venom than trying to catch one and pump the toxin out.

My favourite: Syn-ake Mask

This work AMAZING!


My laugh lines are all but gone! The skin just glows straight after I take the mask off. As this photo is not photoshop, I am amazed myself, as this was my first Syn-ake mask.

Totally understand why the hype now. Sadly, the effect doesn’t last long, probably a few hours to a day. I think if you are going to a big day, use it before your make up. But I use it to unwind, hence I can enjoy this at night.

Doesn’t seem to have a prolonged effect even if I used it everyday, which is a little sad but understandable. But if you are looking for Christmas present for someone who’s beauty fan, this might get a kick out of them.

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