3 Failed Buys and 3 Best Buys

Failed buys vs Best Buys

We all have been there: failed buy because we trusted someone, best buy a random product. I know that just because this is not for me, does not mean that it is not for you. But here are some of my buyer’s regrets to share.

Failed Buy 1 : Veet Spawax

Here it is, my first major “what are you thinking?” moment, when I bought this Spawax (Review), mainly it because it was cheap when it first came out, at AUD 15, it was a bargain! See this place sells it for $70 while Ebay does it for around $40. I was lured by the prospect of strip-less waxing, which was stupid because … I don’t wax! As a habitual user of an epilator, why would I want to turn to this?2017-10-25_11-25-35

Hence this is like my biggest failed buy ever! It is worth wondering why I thought I would use this to remove body hair? And it is very hard to clean, stress on the very. In the end, I used a steam cleaner to heat the wax and wiped a lot of it out. Such as waste of wax, they work quite well for a store product. Look, if you know what you are doing, this is not a bad product to use. It is just not for me because I am shit lazy.

Best Buy 1: Freeze 24/7 IceCream Double Scoop Intensive Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Link goes to a review, buy it here
Still one of the most impressive beauty creams I have reviewed to date, the Freeze24/7 still has a decent price tag. It is not extravagant if this jar can last you 2 months to 3 right? Since this one works very well, and has a long effective time, wouldn’t you agree that this is worth buying and using? For starters, the formulation is suitable for all four seasons.

Not only this can lighten wrinkles and fine lines, it also provides a good level of hydration. I cannot recommend this enough.

Failed buy 2: Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream


Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream is the one that I find a big disappointment. Bought it on my way back from Malaysia through the in flight store. My fingers were peeling dead skin, my kid was crying with severe skin rash. This never helped, not one bit. At around AUD $50, this is not only a big hit to my wallet, it was a big ass fail. I could buy another jar of Freeze24/7 double scoop ice cream with that money.

This cream is more like an ointment, it contains olive oil, beeswax, propolis and royal jelly, things that are supposed to be good for the skin. But I think it contains more oil than any healing properties of bee’s product. Hence, I believe that this is a bad ripoff.

Best Buy 2: TianQi BKey Masks (review)

You can get it here, it will be posted from Malaysia. This is the only mask that I used on my brat, and also the only one that works.

The steps might be troublesome, but this is well worth the effort and the money I spent getting her back on track. The mask contains herbal extracts that are important from Korea, although the mask itself is made in China.

While I know that some would squirm at the mention of Made in China, but this is quite a good product if you have problem skin that you need to get addressed quickly.

Failed Buy 3: Thin Lizzy Brush Cleaner (review)


I had thought that it would be a good idea to own one of these, despite the unimpressive reviews here. But hey, wouldn’t be an impulse buy if I weighted all the pros and cons. I did get it at an okay price, which is half of advertised. In contrary to the Spawax, I do have quite a number of make up brushes to clean. Only time can tell if this actually prolongs the longevity of my cheap brushes. Honestly, none of the brushes are over AUD 20 individually. Some I even got for free with purchase.

But if it does, I can invest in better make up brushes one day. By then, I am sure there would be more impressive cleaners coming out. So keep your money for now and wait a little.

Best Buy 3: Lancome Grandiose Eyeliner

While we always say that you get what you paid for, this is not always the case for me when it comes to eyeliners. I have tried heaps of brands, and usually come up quite disappointed. The first one that I loved was Napoleon Perdis’ China doll gel liner, which stays on until I take it off. The problem with that was, my brush couldn’t do fine lines.

So, when I saw this, I decided to give this a go. First of all, you can bend the holder to allow more control. This means thinner line, or less errors when you draw. I did try it, and since then I understand why people love this Lancome eyeliner. The formulation is also top notch.

It does not last as long as the gel eyeliner, but a good eight hours, which is what I need. I am thankful for this for not making me look like a raccoon after two or three hours. The downside is, of course the price. I think I am nearing the end of my eyeliner…

Even with staff discount, this eyeliner still burns a hole in my wallet. But it lasts heaps longer than any Maybelline and Revlon I have tried. Please do not tell me to stack with up with shadow or kohl, I have tried that and I looked like a bloody panda 3 hours later.

So Yes or No?

This post is actually because Mother’s Day is coming, and if you are looking for things to buy, here are some that you should not buy. But if you see what you like, definitely consider it okay?

I am not asking you to get Failed buy products, that would be defeating the purpose of the post. But then again, my failed buy does not mean it will fail on you as well right?

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