A Dubious Rock (Colton Banyon Mystery)


A Dubious Rock

A Dubious Rock
Author: Gerald J. Kubicki
Genre: Action/ adventure/ mystery/ thriller
Series: Colton Banyon 33

It was a Dubious Beginning

The story starts at a very interesting point, but then quickly moves onto a dead body. A body of a woman in a boat riddled with bullets is sure to be an interesting start to a case. Marta Ewing from Homeland Security snagged the case and finds that she is in over her head with this one.

Then there were Rocks

With a title like Dubious Rocks, they are the reason people are dead. No sign of Colton until Part Two of the book. First part mainly involves Marta trying to out run people who wants the rocks, and her dead.

It is high speed, fast- pace running around and trying to avoid bullets. There is not much happening except staying alive. You can pretty much sing the song (you know which) most of the way as Marta tries and cannot get to the bottom of things.


The whole deal about these mysterious rocks are not because they are mysterious/ dangerous/ belongs to aliens. I refer to the last book, the Anunnaki Purse, if you are curious. These rocks are Earth made and is real. They are a product of deep sea mining, and the rocks are big money.

Not only money, but politics and power. These little nodules contain minerals for tech. If you search online, you will learn more about cobalt, deep sea mining and the surrounding laws.

Or you could just read The Dubious Rock, Timmy has done great research on the topic. So Colton now has to deal with a few threats at once, and these powers are prone to double and triple crossing. I rub my hands with anticipation.


I have always been a fan of Colton Banyon (extension to the author Jerry Kubicki) for the wealth of information in each book. Since the Dubious Mission, each book has been about history and how it is repeating itself. In this book, it is more about the current situation and how inaction is opening the doors for shady deals. Overall, another successful mission for the Forever Ours team. Colton is no longer at the front lines, given his age it is understandable. I am missing his “I’m too old for this” quip and hopes that he has a few more missions left in him.

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