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A Literary Tea Party: Blends and Treats for Alice, Bilbo, Dorothy, Jo, and Book Lovers Everywhere
Date Publish: June 5, 2018
Author: Alison Walsh
Genre: Non- fiction, Cooking, Food & Wine
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A Literary Tea Party is for book lovers

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I am wondering why the author wrote this book. First of all, if we love reading so much, are we actually going to spend time making food? Then it occurred to me that you should buy this book, because then you can throw it to someone who loves to cook but hates reading. First, you get to eat nice food; second, you get to re-enact some favourite scenes from the story. I’m totally fantasising right now! Because my husband can’t cook that well.

Although, if you are planning a real Literary Tea Party, you could technically get a caterer to do it for you right? The recipes in this A Literary Tea Party do either come from the words of authors or designed to fit into the story. One of these inspired ones is the one above, cracked China devilled eggs, because of the little China People in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Of course recipes won’t be complete with Tea with Mr. Tumnus, or the infamous Turkish Delight ( I hope you are not guessing which book that came from)


If you like books and tea parties, here is one recipe book that you would love to own: A Literary Tea Party. Literally. Click To Tweet There are loads of great looking, easy steps recipes. Nothing fancy, even the eggs above wasn’t that hard to replicate. But Of course, the question remains: do I really want to spend time making pretty China Eggs, or reading Wizard of Oz for the Xth time. I had forgotten how many times I read that book, sorry.

So, if you have someone who loves to read moderately and loves to cook, this might be a good gift for Christmas! It is out in June and it is in hardcover. I might get one for myself, just in case my children want a Literary Tea Party when they are older. Or I’ll just set one up myself.


Thankfully for English Subtitles, I managed to watch this

Train to Busan is for zombie lovers. Oh yes I watched it because of him… the Goblin from the series. So far, like Sir Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart (to name a few great actors), he is theatre trained. Trained actors seem to have a greater control of their audience. Every action, every tear and smile are choreographed to make sure that the audience follows the emotions well. I mean, that Patrick Stewart face palm meme says it all, just one action and everyone understands. Doesn’t hurt that he’s attractive XD. Even the kid in this movie acts better than Kirsten Stewart in Twilight.

You can guess by the cover that this is a father/ daughter running away from zombies, nothing special about the story line. Just pure survival, not much background story about how the zombies came about, although there is some hint for closure. There are a lot of hair raising moments, which is a drawing point for some. For me, it is the ugliness of human heart when faced with a life and death situation, the 2 hour story has plenty.

Apparently the Americans are copying this, but I strongly suggest this original Korean version. So far, the Americans have ruined a lot of movies for me, from The Ring, Ju On, to Dragon Ball, not to mention the disastrous Transformer series. These American producers should seriously start writing their own stories and not steal from other more successful movies and make it bad.  The film was released in 2016, so I am sure that you can find it in Amazon or iTunes if you want to.

PS: I don’t even like zombies.


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  1. LOL! I did an Anne of Green Gables themed night for a bunch of young girls for their slumber party and I could see this being useful for a book club, but it would depend on how tough the recipes are if I used it much.

    I’ll have to skip on your wonderful zombie thriller, though. I’m a chicken about zombies. 🙂

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