A Review of Mascaras

A Review of Mascaras

Recently I was given this at work, a Lancome Grandiose Mascara tester that was unopened because everyone wants waterproof ones these days. But no one will ever pass up the opportunity for a Lancome mascara right?

So I bought Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Washable Mascara, in waterproof of course. The Falsies has a pro- keratin formula that will apparently lengthen lashes. With a better volume + longer look lashes, I was hoping that I don’t have to rely on false lashes for real anymore.

My Lashes

I have been using something that I got from Sasa a while back. It’s a lash growth factor from Japan. Honest, the results are disappointing, let us skip that part. But here’s my lash after weeks of using the serum, no noticeable growth in length or thickness. I am not surprised, but I wanted it to work. So this is my original length. The Lancome Grandiose

comes with this bendy wand that makes it easy to sweep on my lashes for a better finish. But it is quite a challenge to pull it out initially. The formula looks smooth, nothing to comment about.






First layer of mascara

There is some thickness, I did curl my lashes before using the mascaras by the way, I know that it does not show as much. So this is first layer using the Lancome Grandiose because it is not waterproof. Then I did the second layer with the Maybelline to kind of seal the deal.

The Maybelline’s mascara has a straight normal wand, with a smaller brush and the formulation looks the same to the naked/

inexperienced eye. But the bottle is quite nice to hold on to as well.

Well what do you know? This does look a bit longer. Perhaps it is the angle, but maybe I wanted both different types of mascara to work.







The only problem I had with mascaras

Well, this has always been an issue for me. Oily eyelids may be good to not get wrinkles, but it’s pretty bad for mascaras and eye makeup. By noon, it has already traveled to my face. I am sure that you have a lot of hacks for these travelling mascaras, but not one worked for me. Pretty sure it is the waterproof one as well, because oil makes them dissolve a little better as they are hydrophobic (afraid of water). Maybe I have to reverse the application?

Overall, I am happy that the mascaras worked, but if only they stayed on my lashes.

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