A Spell of Rowans

A Spell of Rowans

A Spell of Rowans
Author: Byrd Nash
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Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Family Relationships
Estimated release date: Feb 2022


The story starts with Victoria Rowan working on restoring a piece of history when she gets the phonecall. The beginning sounds picturesque, almost like a scene in the movie. It strikes me as one, because it paces like one. Vic goes on a train, and lo behold, her ex- boyfriend Reed Easton is on the same train!

That gets me hook, line and sinker.


The story is from the viewpoint of Victoria Rowan, younger sister of Philipa and older sister to Liam. It is within the first chapter where I know she is an Empath.

Phillipa’s ability is described as Charming talent in the book. From Vic’s description, she can make people at ease and like her. So Phillipa is unsurprisingly a very successful property agent. As the older sister, she exudes order and organization.

Liam is the baby of the family, has the ability to reveal the past about the objects he touched. Due to the overwhelming sense, he avoids contact with objects. The family explains it as haphephobia to avoid suspicion.

Reed Easton is working for the FBI when Vic met him in the train. He is also the only person that Victoria’s talent seem to have no effect on.

There are characters in the book that are crucial in the book, but they are dead, and it would be a spoiler.


First it starts of intriguing: why are the two sisters not sad about the death of their mother, Rachel? Then the story moves faster when Liam is accused of killing Patty Maxwell, their mother’s assistant in Rosemary Thyme. Vic and Phillipa has to find some answers before Liam gets jail time.

If the mystery is not enough, Victoria also struggles with flashbacks of her past. There are two mysteries for the reader, but Victoria needs only to solve one of them. As they find clues that point to what their mother had done, will the Rowans recover from this?

In addition, how the tension between Reed and Victoria is touch and go. Obviously Victoria is not looking for a relationship with all the things that are going on. But you can still see the special connection between the two, not to mention the big hint of Reed being immune to her charms.


I like A Spell of Rowans; it is a well-written story about family finding closure. The past hurts, but without closing the door, it is hard to move forward. The book has also inspired me to do something drastic in my own life.

You see, there’s a bully at work, and I have called her out on it by lodging a report to higher authorities. Why is she like that? Because our employer thinks that her behavior is justified because she does good work. This enables her to hurl insults as she likes one day, or be extra nice the next, knowing that she will never ever get into trouble with the higher up. We get more of the bad days then good days because of Covid (but she was already bad before then).

So after reading this book, it strikes me that the reason why it goes on because it is the accepted culture. But this toxic culture should not exist in a workplace. My decision to “rock the boat” earns me ire from the employer, especially after my insistence that it will stay. Just because it is normal 20 year ago, does not mean it is okay now.

It is never okay to belittle people for the sake of feeling superior.

I’m calling that out, so if you don’t mind, can you send me a good luck my way? I’m going to need it to change my workplace to something better.


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