Book & Mask 4 : A Stolen Heart Novella & Royal Jelly Mask

A Stolen Heart Novella : Review

A Stolen Heart: Lenora (The Wayward Witches Book 1)
Author: Candace Osmond
Series: The Wayward Witches 1
Genre: horror, witchcraft

I was offered to review this book by the author herself, I have read her Iron World Trilogy and the Donor. Suffice to say, Candace is good at paranormal/ fantasy horror. A Stolen Heart is a novella, introducing readers to her new series: the Wayward Witches.

Problem with novella, is that you want more from it. A Stolen Heart should not have been a novella, I would have preferred that it is a normal sized book, with all its trimmings. I liked it, because it sets a dark tone without being ashamed of it. The character promises more if you stick around, which hopefully I will.

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The story starts with a witch robbing someone for a secret ingredient. The witch’s coven wants to do a special spell, one that will be so interesting to read if they succeed. I am curious to find out if they are successful. A few pages, and the book is already hinting more horror. The gleefulness of the witch, her ambition and recklessness, it is contagious.

Hopefully, Candace releases the next one by Halloween 😉

The Mask: Royal Jelly

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Nature Republic Royal Jelly Mask

I am still in the process of going through all my sheet masks, because I bought 10 of each… Minus the ones I gave away, and ones my mom used, plenty more. This one is one of my favorites, and I will most likely to repurchase.

Royal Jelly apparently has skin moisturizing properties, although this is the first time I think I have heard of it. In Asian cultures, Royal Jelly is prized. A good quality jelly will set you back hundreds, and you eat them. It tastes like strong honey, with a jelly like texture, the good ones at least. Those that you buy in capsules or dried have a chance of it being fake. If you want to have royal jelly to eat, buy good ones.

Why? Because it is food fit for the Queen. Royal Jelly is the Queen Bee’s food, it has a lot of nutrients, because of all the eggs she needs to lay. Seems a bit pity to have it in a mask, but I am sure it is not a lot. I smell the scent of honey in the mask when I opened the packet.

As usual, I left this sitting for a good while. The after is good: softer skin and less tired looking. I do suspect that it is not all royal jelly, but no proof that it is not. I enjoy this mask, because even honey is good for the skin. The effect only lasts about a day, which is normal for Nature’s Republic. The products are good, but they are meant to be used daily, as most Koreans do.

If you are looking for a stronger mix, this is not it. This Royal Jelly mask is good, but hardly strong enough.

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