A Veil of Shadows- Shadow Gate 2 : Review

A Veil of Shadows : Shadow Gate 2

A veil of shadows ebook
A Veil of Shadows
Author: Michael Garza
Series: Shadow Gate Chronicles 2
Previous Book: The Last Shadow Gate

The Story

Following events of the previous book, Naomi and Gavin narrowly avoided getting caught by jumping into another gate. Landing in another land, they are quickly taken into custody. Since book one, twelve-year-old Gavin and fifteen year old Naomi are forced to face their many fears, book two has even more challenges ahead.

A bombshell later, the duo is now paired with two unlikely characters, as they try to make their way towards home. The world that they are stuck in, Tarravale is heading into war. Malick, another Shade Lord, wants to rule the world that they arrived in. The arrival of the pair shifts thing into motion, as the Shade Lord aims to not only destroy Tarravale, but to rule the others as well.

The Characters

The main characters are the half- siblings duo Gavin and Naomi. However, it is the the supportive characters that makes them shine. Since book one of the Shadow Gate Chronicles, the siblings had been repeatedly trying to avoid getting too grievously hurt. Being eaten is just one of the risks staying in a foreign land. As both kids find out more about their own ability, they have to dig deeper if they want to go home.

In A Veil of Shadows, they are more mature and careful. With guidance of a native, the pair make their way towards another Shadow Gate, one that would take them back to last land. With no idea how to go home, they will have to keep blundering their way through those gates, until they find one that takes them back.


A Veil of Shadows is exciting, it is also wildly imaginative. The pace has picked up from the first book, pushing the characters into a relentless pace. There is a sense of desperation, as both kids are homesick and afraid. The series is shaping up to be nail biting with all the dangers around them.

Even with help, I have my doubts that they will make it home. I shall end my review with a lot of thumbs up, because I read it all in a night. Sleep be damned…

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  1. Girl, I thought this book was a winner as soon as I saw the main characters name!! *wink*
    Honestly, it sounds like a good read! Thanks for sharing!

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