Adelaide Zoo Review: Prince Brat’s Favorite Place

Adelaide Zoo: where sick and old animals live

Adelaide Zoo
Zoo Membership card: name covered

This is the Annual Membership card for Zoos SA, basically for the price of 3 zoo visits, I have access to both Adelaide and Monarto Zoo with this card. Zoos SA also have ties with the ones interstate: Taronga Zoo, Melbourne Zoo, Perth Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Zoo. It is a good deal for me, because I have since break even. Currently we are doing weekly visits.

Prince Brat loves going to Adelaide Zoo, and I do not mind taking him, because it is quite close. We are so familiar with the place, Prince Brat knows where he wants to go. I know that they are people who thinks that Zoos are not a good place for animals, but I think it is not as black and white.

For instance, Adelaide Zoo houses confiscated animals.20161201_125210

Mostly birds and exotic animals, stolen from their homes for money. This grey parrot loves to greet people by saying hello, but unfortunately I cannot take a beautiful photo, because it kept moving. Prince Brat would go over to look for it, to say hi. It is not the only animal that can talk in Adelaide Zoo.

Then we have Mugambi, the lion (duh)
20161201_125646The only male lion in here, bet you can’t guess why. I was told by a volunteer once that he is here because he’s not in the breeding program. There is a lion breeding program in Monarto Zoo, and also a pride. There is also a rabbit’s warren in the lot housing the pride. Honest to god, wild rabbits have made a home next to the lions. Why is Mugambi here? The poor thing is epileptic, you read it right. It has to be monitored and given medications.

Can you see the tiger? I can’t remember its name.
20161201_130058Why is this tiger special? Because it is old, about 90 human years, also information from volunteers. Follow them around enough, and you will learn a lot about the residents in the zoo.

It may sound depressing…

That Adelaide Zoo has sick and old animals, it hardly sounds like it is worth visiting. There are people who say that zoos should not exist for various reasons, mainly they are for profit. To be truthful, this zoo has not been profitable for a while now. While I blame the pandas, but we all know that it is because people no longer visit them.

Looking after animals require a lot of manpower and resources. Only the pandas had solar powered enclosures, but they are on loan for another few more years. Without these zoos to look after sick and hurt animals, where else can people take them?

Aside from supporting cruelty free brands, we should also teach our children to look after the environment. Although I personally do not like having animals in cages, I also have to ask, what is the alternative? Zoos might be an evil organisation to some, but to me it is the necessary evil because we are actually losing these beautiful and magnificent beings.


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  1. I love visiting the zoo too Ailyn and definitely see the captivity of animals isn’t so black and white as well. It seems cruel to keep the animals caged, but I think most of these animals have been bred themselves in captivity through breeding programs, which are equally as important to ensure a species survival. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the Melbourne Zoo, but I’ll have to read the signage and keep an eye out for rescue animals. I had no idea and had never thought about those animals who are ageing and not able to socialise with their pack members. That’s actually really heartwarming, that they are loved and well cared for <3 I'm thrilled that Prince Brat had such a wonderful time <3

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