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Alien Blood


Alien Blood
Author: Stan Schatt
Genre: Alien invasion, sci-fi, action
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I received a book from the author for a fair review, Alien Blood is interesting in its own way, which was one of the reasons why I was intrigued enough to request a review ARC from Stan. I am not usually an alien fan, and in the middle of Nanowrimo, requesting book is pretty crazy.

So, this book better be good.

A little about Alien Blood

The story starts with President of the United States (not the current, real one, of course) in a meeting with two men, nothing serious. Then we get a bigger picture as a reader: aliens are real, and USA had a secret pact with two of the most vicious race. Grays and Draconians want human test subjects, while USA wants their alien technology.

That is the gist of the story, in a way. The conspiracy theories keeps throwing out accusations, all are actively deflected by experts. But the story starts when Ben Swift enters the picture.


Ben Swift- is an ex- SEAL and a conspiracy theorist, brother to a famous astrobiologist Heather Swift. There is no third sibling name Taylor by the way, only twins who are close because of their sick mother.

Ann Swift was dead in the book, but she had made quite an impact when she was alive. Ann believed that she was abducted frequently, and told many people, although scoffed by most.

Other characters include Sherry, who is a mystery herself. Back up ex- SEALs include Calvin and Riley. Most fun gang of all in the book, the conspiracy theorist at Conspiracy Central (so original I know).

Always a lot of action, as well as thoughts and theories. It is never a dull moment when I was reading Alien Blood


Shit hit the fan when the aliens and/ or the humans refused to renew the contract for another term. The secret pact had enabled the aliens to kidnap humans for testing, mainly related to a secret that will blow people sky high. There is a lot of shooting involved, but that is pretty common when aliens are unhappy right?

The ending though, was a little interesting. It was not bad, but I believe that it radiates the ideals of the author more. Happy ending, yes, nothing romantic though. Alien Blood is definitely heavy on the alien invasion/ sci- fi theme more, I did learn a lot in terms of conspiracy and thinking constructively.


Given the many scary alien stories out there, this one is relatively milder and less traumatic for me. Not to say that it is not gory or yucky, it is just not eight- legged variety (I think there was not a lot of that kind). Hence, if you want a fast paced and totally fun alien invasion book, pick this one.


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