All That Really Matters

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All That Really Matters

Author: Nicola Deese
Genre: Christian Fiction, YA
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What Really Matters?

All That Really Matters is a creative title for the theme of the story, and the cover pops with a beautiful pastel. From the synopsis, it is clear that the author Nicola Deese has a clear picture of what she wants her story to be.  Molly McKenzie, owner of Makeup Matters with Molly, needs to have something special to be in a running for a spot as a host in a makeover show. Her boyfriend/ talent manager urges her to show the world that she cares for the under- privileged, to please him and advance in the hierarchy of social media, she acquiescences.

To Molly, what matters to her is her viewers and how she can have an income doing what she loves. Of course, to make money, she must work hard to get sponsorships and support from viewers and big names. When her boyfriend Ethan tells her about being in a running to become a host for a makeover show, Molly understands the value and tries to make an effort.


Molly McKenzie, the heroine and a loveable person overall. Written in a first person’s point of view, I get to know Molly well enough. She has scruples, but also a history where being poor does not appeal to her. However, she likes to help people. From time to time, she reminisces about the freedom before she became a popular influencer, where she could do what she wants.

Ethan, her talent manager and boyfriend. Straight off the bat, he is not a likeable person. In fact, he is a good-looking villain who is obviously not for her. Ethan is ambitious, sometimes it is hard to tell his ambition in her, or if Molly is really a person who wants to rule the world.

Silas Whittaker, the founder of The Bridge, a home for aged out foster children who are not quite ready to go into the big bad world. Silas is a cynic with a good heart, sure is the hero to Molly’s heroine.

Miles is Molly’s brother, the only “link” between her and her parents, who disagrees with what she does. In fact, Molly’s drive to work and her passion is the result of her upbringing. She does not have a bad family, but it just shows that no home is perfect.


All That Matters is really about passion and pursuing things that matter to you the most. Molly’s goal in life changes, and the author shows that it is okay to have a shift in priority. Does having social media influence make you a bad person? Molly shows she is not a fake person who puts money over morals, and yet can be successful behind the screen. The story is heartwarming, uplifting and most importantly, encouraging.

It shows that everyone has struggles, and it is okay to say you need help. It is okay to admit that you do not know everything and be humble when you do know. The story may be in Christian fiction, but the entire book transcends religion into the realm of growing in the complicated world of today.

Overall, a great read. The words flow and Molly is easy to relate to, no matter what age you are. Definitely a good read.

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