And There He Kept Her

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Author: Joshua Moehling
Genre: Mystery
Pre-order: Amazon
Release date: 14 June 2022

And There He Kept Her

I got this book from NetGalley. The title was intriguing enough to catch my attention, and I love a good mystery.

Starting point

The book starts with a storm and two teenagers. There are no surprises to why because it is in the synopsis, which is a bit of a shame, not telling would have added more to the mystery. It was a great hook, because that makes me want to know what happens next.

Then it cuts to Deputy Ben Packard, who transferred from Cities to small Minnesota town of Sandy Lake, seeming to do a good job keeping peace there. Soon, Ben meets Susan Wheeler, a mother whose daughter is missing. We see him trying to catch a bear in Chapter Two, so this is off to a great start!

Story Twists and Turns

And There He Kept Her is in third person POV, which allows readers to jump between different people/ scenes. This book is not actually finding out who did it, but more if our hero can save the day before it is too late.

Ben can play a tough cop, or a charmer when he wants to be. As the investigation is going nowhere, we catch a glimpse of Ben Packard’s past, and why he moves to Sandy Lake. A lot of it is pretty much bait for the sequel. For me, it’s the dog.

As Ben interviews residents, students and potential suspects, one thing is clear: he is a pretty good detective. He does not let his fear and worry get to his investigations, and he’s not exactly a boring cop going around being a good guy. There are plenty of red herrings for him to wonder, while us bystanders are chewing our fingers out.


Like many small towns, Sandy Lake’s residents are colourful. There are a few that stand out more, which might mean that they will be a constant presence in the series if the author chooses.

Among them are Gary Bushwright and his neighbour Cora Shaker, who have been at odds with each other since forever. Then Kelly Phelps is also part of the Sheriff’s Department, and she is the person who keeps Ben in line when need be.


And There He Kept Her may not be a cool title, or the cover may not be the most exciting one you see, but it works. The mystery is not so much if we find out, but if the detective finds out. But the journey is exciting, despite knowing who’s done it, there are still many skeletons to dig out from the closet.

It is not a hard read, and it keeps me glued to the book until the end. There are details in the book that make Ben human, but it does not really affect the progress of the book. If you like mysteries, this is enjoyable. The pace is comfortable and not too breakneck that it leaves you breathless. Definitely a go.


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