Andalou and Neogence Review

Andalou and Neogence Review

First up: Andalou Naturals Meyer Creamy Lemon Cleanser

Buy from Amazon. I bought it for Aud 10 on special.

Ingredients: fruit stem cell, vitamin C, manuka honey, aloe vera, vegetable glycerin, white tea leaf extract etc. 99% nature derived, non- GMO and cruelty free.

What it claims to do: cleans and purifies, and then brightens with Vitamin C. It does have some Meyer lemon extract, as well as jojoba oil. The smell is a mixture of citrus, due to the lemon, and ylang ylang that is in the mix. This bottle is 6 fl oz, or at 168ml in a pump bottle. Andalou is made in USA, which is a unique product given most of my stuff comes from Asia. I do try to avoid China, due to their non- cruelty- free rule, but sometimes online can be a funny place to buy from.

While this product is quite good in quality and consistency, it does not foam *much*. I don’t mind it myself, but I know that some do prefer the foam when it comes to facial cleansers. My skin does feel clean, but not super clean. I still need to use the Cure exfoliate gel, but for daily use Andalou is reliable enough. It does not dry out my skin after wash, which means I don’t feel the tightness around my skin after. I think the extracts and the oils do help with that balancing.

I may not be as bright as the sun (or the late Stephen Hawkins), but my skin isn’t that dull looking anymore.

Neogence N5 Blackcurrant Deep Brightening Black Mask

Mention the word ‘bright’ in any skincare product, you would notice that Asians would be flocking around. We can’t help it, bright and fair is like the gold standard of beauty. It is different than the golden tan that Western culture strives for, oh yes the “you want what you can’t have” still lives true in this age. Blackcurrant in a mask? Sure, why the hell not. This does not smell like one, it merely has the extract of some blackcurrants.

The mask is black, and is made in Taiwan. Neogence is a well- established brand around Asia, and it is quite easy to find. They also have a wide range of skin care products, so if you are travelling and need some souvenirs, this brand would be worth picking up. They do try to be environmentally friendly, while the ingredients are all listed on the packaging. The mask itself is well made, doesn’t tear easy and is well saturated with whatever inside it.

I really need to look after my hair.

Update on my pandanus and fish?

I have 5 fish left, one somehow died. I think that it was bullied by the other fishes, as the poor thing was attacked numerous times by another fellow fish. Not that I can tell between them all, but definitely the big bully had killed the weakest link by bashing to death. Not to mention, the poor prawn was eaten too, now this tank only has 5 fish. I am still wondering if I should upgrade to a bigger tank. Water is expensive in Australia, which is the main reason why my jar is that size.

On a happier note, my pandanus plant seems to be happy. I have changed it into a larger pot, and the cactus soil drains water so well that I am glad I paid extra for it. The plant is now three weeks old, and shows no signs of dying on me yet.

I shouldn’t jinx it, but this may be the one that survives Adelaide! I should probably name it, what name would be good?

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