Join your favorite Second Chance Siblings in Annie’s Apple

Join your favorite Second Chance Siblings in Annie’s Apple

Annie’s Apple is the second book for the Carpenter Sibling’s Second Chance series. If you have read John Heldt’s first book, The Fountain, then you will be thrilled to know that the siblings are back. Six years later, in 1911, the family of three is doing well. After jumping into the fountain of youth and landed in 1905, Annie is now a twenty-year-old girl full of life and a full use of her legs. Paul is in the army with Andy Lee, his newly minted brother-in-law. Read the books in order so you will have a better understanding of the picture. You will have a summary of the important information without the juicy bits.

Why Knowing History is Important When Time Travelling

While Bill is busy rebuilding a life with his new wife Cassandra (Cassie) Lee, Paul and Annie are left to their own devices. Why not right? They are in their prime; even if they are already old souls. Apparently not enough, because the story starts with Annie trying to get involved in the famous Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire (link to the story on Wiki). The author enjoys starting a story with a bang, and he has picked one that fits the time and draws attention to the horrible working conditions back then.

Aside from Cassie and her brother Andy, the rest of the world thinks that the Carpenter siblings are very smart people who know a lot of things. Annie’s habit of speaking for herself shows she is not a product of the 1900s. Her quick wit is charming and is why she gets along with people in the news industry.

Romance and Responsibilities

Annie’s Apple hints at the story being mainly about Annie. She might feature more in this book, but it will be injustice to keep me guessing about Bill and Paul. Bill is becoming a father for the first time. Paul meets a mysterious girl on the beach on his day off. Annie finds a new job at New York Star, and meeting a charming gentleman name Charles Rusk. Her relationship with Andy meets some difficulty as Andy tries to find his own path in life.

What is life without drama? The Carpenter siblings have lived long enough that nothing could faze them, right? But if you have been paying attention to the date, you will wonder about a certain ship and if it is part of the book. There is no dull moment in the household.


Between revelations and heart breaks, Annie’s Apple reminds us that love is not just in romance. There is also family, passion and responsibilities. There are a lot of decisions to make. If you are wondering what happens, go have a read.

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