From Ant to Eagle : Book Review

From Ant to EagleAuthor: Alex Lyttle
Publisher: Central Avenue Publishing
Genre: Young adult, death and dying
ISBN-13: 978-1771681117

I received the ARC in exchange for a fair review. Special thanks to the author

From Ant To Eagle caught my eye with this

My name is Calvin Sinclair, I’m eleven years old and I have a confession… I killed my brother.

A million questions, only one way to find out. I admit that I was curious, but wouldn’t you be too? I was more than happy to say yes, because that mean answers. The cover looks cute too, it shows a childlike quality to it. The story might not be directly aimed at young adults, but I feel that some older kids might be able to relate.

Written as first person narrative, we see things through the eyes of Calvin Sinclair. Eleven years old, moved from city to a small town for ‘the air’. Calvin’s only friend was his six-year-old brother Sammy, who worships the older sibling. Their relationship was close, and that is where the title comes from. From Ant to Eagle is a series of ranks that Calvin made up, so he could get Sammy to do whatever he wants.

Eager to rank Eagle like his older brother, Sammy would obey orders. But when Calvin found a new friend: Aleta Alvarado, Sammy struggles to find footing in this new dynamic. It was not long after Calvin side lined his brother that things began to change.

The story is touching, even though the plot is straightforward. Seeing through the eyes of an eleven year old is not a complicated endeavor, but his pain and fears might make you cry. Calvin’s world changes with a word, and soon he realizes that he is not the only person who has to adjust to change.

From Ant to Eagle is a story about the pain of a brother, a reminder to treasure our loved ones always, never do things we would regret later. Share on X


Rarely I read books that touches a child’s pain. We often read about adults dealing with pain and loss, but not as often in point of view as kids. After reading the author’s profile, I appreciate this book even more. It would have been painful to witness all the struggles and still  have to experience loss. From Ant to Eagle is a book you should share with children, because it is a reminder not to do things that we regret. Actions and words cannot be undone, and the only thing left will be regret.

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