Aqua UV Sensitive Sun Protection Spray 150ml

Forgive my lack of posting, after four weeks of back home in Malaysia, I return to Adelaide to find that my Internet is erm… broke. I just got my life back on track.



It’s the year of the pig! May the year be kind and prosperous to you and your family. Well, we love the word ‘prosper’ get rich and good luck. I had a great time, the Lunar New Year is always about food and family, not necessarily in that order.

Aqua UV Sensitive Sun Protection Spray 150ml

One of the most amazing sunscreens I found is this can sunscreen spray. This is sold in Watsons pharmacy, which is a pharmacy chain you can usually find throughout the country. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be Australian standard kind of sunscreen, despite the SPF 50. Mainly this is more of a chemical sunscreen than a mixture of the two.

In Australia, sunscreens usually are a mix. You can tell that by the white liquid when you dispense, zinc oxide is white while the other components are colourless.

Why is it cool?

The spray itself is cooling, and it dispenses evenly. The formula is quite lightweight, and the best thing about it is that it is not greasy. Aqua UV is more water based, hence it rubs in quickly. The only problem, can’t really tell if you have covered your whole area.

That is one downside of it. If you want to be sure, just spray unto your palms and rub into places. In Malaysian humidity, this is pretty comfortable to wear.

As you can see, not much whites, but spots where you notice the spray has went. So this might be a problems if you are in Australia, where you really want a guarantee that you have done it properly. You can see why I like it though.

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