Arabella Park : Seaons One Book Review

Arabella Park : A small town

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Arabella Park
Author: Evan Tyler writing as Meiling
Genre: YA, thriller, mystery
Series: Arabella Park 1

The Lowdown

Five kids: Kameron “K” Kasparov & Grayson Graham are step- siblings, Mikey’s real name is Miguel Ferrera, Yasmin Navarro goes by Mimi, and Jenna Harquin is a French and Ethiopian heritage. have been close friends since childhood. Together, they make up the Arabella Park Gang, the American minority in a German twin city named, you guessed it, Arabella Park.

Their school, Our Lady Mercy is a small school, so the gang knows everyone in it, serves as the main setting. But as the story progressed, the gang would meet up in various locations, revealing a bit more about their private lives as they do so.

The Characters

Written in first person point of view, using the central characters. I cannot say much about this, that is part of the mystery. However I could give you a small summary of each character. At seventeen years old, the gang is going through a lot of changes in life.

Kameron is K, she is feisty and has an Armenian background to Grayson’s cool and calm demeanor. They share a younger sister, Ash Wednesday. Despite sharing no DNA, the pair is quite close to each other, with Grayson frequently backing up his sister.

Mikey is a Puerto Rican living with his father, who is a priest. He is quite a soccer player, but not as good as Grayson, who is the star of the show. Mikey has a twin brother, Mateo, who is suffering from Pompe disease. Then you have Yasmin Navarro, a Filipino girl being raised by a single mother. Lastly, Jenna Nicole Harquin, who is pregnant.

Background stories aside, each character also has their own secrets, and what is buried may threaten to destroy everything. Their peaceful existence became threatened after a newcomer turns up at the school.

The Verdict

Pretty Little Liars with a mix of How To Get Away With Murder, you will like Arabella Park if you happen to love the intrigue and get guess work. As the gang spirals into a dark hole, not everyone would be able to crawl back up. A little gripe will be the cliffhanger at the end, sort of trying to make sure that you come back for Season 2.

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Another thing about the book, is that from the start you know that someone has done something really bad, but who? This adds to the mystery of it all! Will the friends be able to survive this, or is this the end of the APG?

Arabella Park releasing on 1st of October. Pre- order here.

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