Ardell Brush On Lash Glue Review

Ardell Brush On Lash Adhesive

2017-03-27 10.13.30
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I bought this a while back, but I haven’t had the chance to use it. This glue can be bought here:¬†Amazon link. This one is more expensive than the normal tube kind. Almost double the price actually, but it looked very interesting, so I bought it, on a whim and at a special price of $8 AUD.

Oh, yes I know it is a rip off. Considering you can get them cheaper from eBay  but $8 is still a good price for me.

Tube lovers here

I cannot help it, I am attracted to new things that can make me pretty! Having said that, I did need a new eye lash glue as my old one had helpfully dried out on me. Excuses, excuses not like I need any.

The Ardell Brush On Glue is one that dries clear, and it comes in this little jar with a brush on the end of the cover. I managed to install on eyelash on my left eye! Photo below.

note one eye is bigger than the other slightly?

But the results are so good!

Why Ardell Brush On is better than the Tube kind

  1. Precision! With the small brush, I had to apply the brush on the lash instead of applying the glue somewhere before dipping the lash into it. Not only the brush is small, the thinner formulation means I could actually put a proper amount on the lash.
  2. Dries faster because it’s more liquid. The Ardell Tube adhesive is a lot thicker, hence it dries a lot slower than this brush on version. Even though both dries clear, I did manage to stick my lashes on a few minutes quicker. That’s minutes not seconds.
  3. I can do double eyelids too! Using the eyelid tape, this glue is easier to use for an added kick to though double lid tapes. Although I do not sanction using this glue directly on your lids, how are you going to remove it later?

The One Thing I Wished For…

It was almost perfect, almost because I was hoping that the glue would be tacky enough despite leaving it to dry longer. Basically, to use this glue, it has to be around 80% dry, as it loses some of its stickiness when it is completely dry for me. The 80% is to allow some movement before it sets, and once it sets I had to remove and reapply the glue. With the minute amount, it is more the hassle.


Definitely not a buyer’s remorse! I sincerely hope that I will have time to do my makeup and play around with more beauty stuff to review.. So far I have done more skin care than makeup, because the Brats are really demanding.

Five minute make up? I need the one minute do!

On the Side Note…

Did you know that Dan Brown’s new book is coming out!?

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