Ardell Magnetic Eyeliner + Eyelash

Ardell Magnetic Eyeliner + Eyelash Review

Recently the pharmacy that I work at has something new:Ardell magnetic lashes and Magnetic eyeliner. And you can see that the liner was a free gift with the lashes. I have used magnetic eyelashes in the past, they are pretty useful once you get the hang of it.

This is a pair, because you need the top lash to “stick” to the bottom lash via magnets. I have read that the tweezers are not helpful, mainly because the lashes will just stay on the tweezers. It is kinda useless tool that is “free” in case someone wants it.

So, this was a bargain buy for me. I get the eyeliner and a tweezer with this packet.

Ardell Magnetic Eyeliner

It is thick, it is black and it is nasty! It also comes with a stiff bristle brush that threatens to scratch my eyeballs out. You do have to use the stiff brush because the eyeliner is thick and really hard to apply. You also have to do 2 layers, because that’s what the directions say.

Another terrible thing about the liner, it is hard to clean off. You will need an oil eye-makeup remover if you hope to remove it. I have my trusty water-in-oil micellar cleanser and still have to wipe several times to get the eyeliner off.


It works, which is amazing considering the bad reviews you read online. I am under no illusions that this might have been a total flop, but I am pleased that it works. The eyeliner is hard to draw a thin line, I have resorted to dab it or draw dotted lines for a more even look. It really does not glide, so consider yourself warned.

I also have trouble with the usual running eyeliner problem.

Despite being stubborn and hard to remove, it travels. Grrr… This picture is not that bad. I regret not taking the one that was another 2 hours after. Because I looked more like a racoon by then.


It’s easier to use the magnetic lash if you have a decent quality eyeliner. It is relatively mess free, because the traditional glue on lashes can be tricky. With the magnetic versions, you just need practice. Overall it is a good alternative, but we shall see.

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