Audrey by Sean-Paul Thomas

Audrey by Sean-Paul Thomas


Author: Sean-Paul Thomas
Genre: Romantic fiction
Kindle Edition

Audrey: Think 500 days of Summer meets Midnight in Paris

While the author Sean- Paul says that it has the vibe of 500 days of Summer and Midnight in Paris. But my first impression of the book is Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast at Tiffany. Even the cover has her elegance and sophistication.

The story starts with Joseph “Joe” gets released from prison after five years for his crimes. We get to see Joe and his best friend Colm having a brotherly moment.


The main character Joe comes in many layers, the first layer we see is an ex-convict. Joe is likeable, like the “honorable” George Peppard in Breakfast at Tiffany. But the difference is that Joe has a day job as a plumber. Colm is truly a good friend who sticks by Joe through thick and thin, but always the side- kick.

Audrey Beart is the “Summer” in the movie, but I see her as Audrey Hepburn’s version of Holly Golightly. She’s a chain smoker and a persistent swearer. If she’s real, she’s one that I will stay away. But without her, there will be no Joe and the book.


Joe gets a break in his screenwriting dream when he meets Audrey, the girl who will later give him the break that he so desperately needs. Taking a risk and a trip to France, Joe embarks on a journey. He thinks it is romance, but it is more of self- discovery. Will Joe get it all?

You can take a journey around France with Joe and wonder if the French are as crass as the book depicts. I think that part of the book reflects on the author’s experience with his book becoming a motion picture, because the process sounds pretty painful. Overall, Audrey is a reminder that hope is always around the corner, and hold on to your good friends. I enjoy the banter between Joe and Colm, and the chemistry between him and the girl of his dreams.

But like all dreams, Joe has to wake up and smell the plumbing.


It is a sweet book, for sure. I love the romance bubble, as well as Joe’s bubble popping back to reality. There is a pretty cool Easter egg to commemorate Sean- Paul’s achievement with Old Man and the Princess, and many beautiful picturesque scenes of France. Not sure about the liver for breakfast though.

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