Avene Bright Intense Range

Avene Bright Intense Range
Avene Bright Intense Range

The Avene Bright Intense Range

The oddest things about this range, is that it is marketted towards the Asian population, but sold (I dare say only) in Australia. I haven’t found any online stores that sells this range, but you can find them in pharmacies around the country. When I had some training with this range, I was immediately sold. Yah, I am born Malaysian, that is technically in Asia.

I am trialling this in Malaysia, with the smog and the constant humidity, I am sure that this is a good place to find out if it lives up to its claims right?

The Cleanser

The Bright Intense Pure Cleanser is the far right tube, nothing special about it. The cleanser has their Avene thermal water, as well as myristic acid and seaweed extract, designed to wash off pollution and protect the skin. This is gentle enough to cleanse, yet it can also provide some anti- oxidants to the skin. It does foam up, but not a lot. After trialling it for a few days, I find that my skin hasn’t turned red or become clogged.

So far, I am happy with the results the cleanser gives me. Having said that, it does not clean as well as a good exfoliant, hence it would still be a good idea to gently exfoliate every few days. But this is definitely a gentle and sensitive skin friendly option.

The Active Essence

Used after the cleanser, if you are not using a toner or the Avene Thermal Water Spray, then the essense is the next step of your anti- pollution regimen.  Aside from its protection from pollution (not the sun!) and anti-oxidative effect, the Active Essence claims to brighten and lighten skin’s complexion with Vitamin C. The wakamine from seaweed enhances light reflection, but it does not replace your sunscreen.

The essence as akoya pearl extract, mainly to give skin a glowing effect, as well as improves skin’s quality. Yes, I also think that this might be stretching it a little. But hey, it is worth a try.

The Moist Emulsion

The last step of the range, typically before sunscreen and makeup. The Bright Intense Emulsion is for after the essence, and you do have to wait for the layers to dry. If you pile them up before they dry properly, they form little pills. I have actually tried that on advice of the training staff, and yes if you apply this layer before the essence dries you will experience the yucky pilling effect. You would get this little pearls when you rub your face.

Trainer said that the protective effect needs to dry before you layer on another one. But I guess that makes some sense. Because I am using them in Malaysia, I follow the instructions.


Not sure what should I say about this range. On one hand, I am totally in love with it. These are light weight, and I can layer other products. While I am a fan of the Avene range, because of their water, I have trouble justifying the cost of it. While not exactly expensive like exclusive/ luxury brands, but it is on the steeper side of a pharmacy brand item. I know that they are under cosmetic- dermatology niche, meaning they are researched for people with problem skin, but still…

I also had a hair cut recently. Not the cheapest new hairstyle, but it is flattering. The color should be red, but it came out more bronze/ coppery than red. I am ot complaining about the cut, but I definitely need to do something about my laugh lines =(

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