Avène by Pierre Fabre : Thoughts


Avène by Pierre Fabre : Thoughts

No doubt you have seen these Thermal Spring Water selling around shops and pharmacies. Even Evian has their own Thermal Spring Water in a can. Disclaimer: I had someone come in to introduce Avène brand and its products, and I am writing this post because I think it is cool to spread the word.

If you heard of the name, I reckon your first thought would be: this drug store brand is expensive. I agree, Avène as a brand does come at a higher cost, but that does not mean that it is not worth buying.

Bit of History

Mr Pierre Fabre was a pharmacist in France who wanted to create something that complements his patient’s well being. As you know, if you are on medications for acne or psoriasis, chances are your skin is as dry as the Sahara. Hence, he bought a hydrotherapy station at Avène-les-Bains, which is where the famed thermal spring water comes from.

Over the years, the company becomes a Foundation, which means that it makes its own decisions. The hydrotherapy station, with current technology, means that it is a carbon neutral company. The representative also proudly states that they do not have a Chinese market ( you can still buy the stuff, just online), hence they are 100% cruelty free.

In Australia, the brands under this company go through TGA approval, for sale only in pharmacies. Which is why, if you are in Down Under, this is a pharmacy only brand, as it is under the banner of dermo- cosmetics.

Other interesting tid- bits

Looking at their website (read here), they are also big on environmental issues. So if you are a person who places importance in supporting companies that do good for the environment, do look for the products that are made by Pierre Fabre.

Tiny Review: Thermal Water

This water is shit expensive, I kid you not. The bottle of a 300mL Thermal Water can cost around aud $26, but is it worth it?

Just another bit of info: all Avène branded items will contain the thermal spring water.
All I used was this can of water, as many times as I could/ wanted. The result is not miraculous, but hey the redness is less and she wasn’t scratching every 10 minutes. For me, that is good, when all it is, is water from a spring in France.

If you are big on Thermal Water and haven’t tried this brand, give it a go. I have bought their sunscreen, tested it at work and the formulation is lightweight. My current ones are running out of date pretty soon, so I might be able to review it sooner!

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