Avene Face SPF 50+ Sunscreen Emulsion

Avene Face SPF 50+ Sunscreen Emulsion


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What’s so special about this?

This Avene Emulsion is actually made in France, for Australian climate. I got this, because I was told specifically that the emulsion dries matte. Like a lot of people, I hate the oily/ greasy aftermath of using sunscreen on the face. The emulsion is not tinted, so it is white like most sunscreen.

I chose Avene as my go to sunscreen this time, despite the cost. Let’s be honest, 50mL for AUD 30 can be considered on the expensive side for a drug store brand.

Though they did explain why, read post here. I was curious too, as summer can be like a dehydrator here. If the emulsion has their special thermal water, I am game to try.


I just had to show this because it’s interesting/ cool. The tube is designed to flatten as you use. Hopefully this means that I don’t have to cut open the tube when it almost runs out.


Because the head is actually a pump head. It is annoying that the box nor the bottle tells you just how much. But the representative said 7 pumps for the face and neck area.

You do have to use around a teaspoon for that area, so I am guessing 7 pumps is that much. You don’t have to do all 7 at one hit, but layer them up would be easier and less ghastly.

Is it Really that Mattifying?

I am not sure. I am still a little shiny after this application, it is semi- dry. But under make up is okay, my make up does not slide if I set it right.

I have to say that I am not a big fan of this Avene emulsion, for the cost and amount. They have sprays and other sunscreens, even one for kids, which is fragrance free. It is kinda odd that this emulsion is scented. It is not a bad scent, though some may find it a no- go?

As Avene is created for people with problem skin, I am assuming that the fragrance is also sensitive skin friendly. I haven’t had any complaints yet. Having said that, I prefer this fragrance to the one La Roche Posay uses. LRP smells strongly of soap or jasmine, and I am not a big fan.


After using it a few times, I am a little surprised to see that I haven’t even gone half way. This is only for my face, I had to use a body sunscreen, because if I do all over I fear that it may run out soon. You can if you want to, but this is the more expensive of the range, and hence I want to keep it on my face, for the mattifying reason.

Will I come back to it? I may have to see.

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