Baby Bee Sample Pack: Princess Brat’s Review

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Baby Bee Sample Pack

Princess has a bad rash on the right side of the face, she does not really scratch it, but often she would rub her hands against 20161222_130711the red patch when she is sleepy. I had tried to swaddle her, but the end result was a screeching banshee trashing to get out. I gave up in the end, opting to hold down her hand while she screams. Oddly, she lets me hold her arms down, maybe because I would also touch her face.

No matter, my biggest problem now is that angry patch of red. It is not infected, I apply loads of antiseptic cream on it. Plus a lot of ointment after that, enough emollient to stop skin from breaking and itching.

If she’s not tired, she generally would not rub it.

Baby Bee Sample Bag Review

I got the Baby Bee sample bag as a Christmas present after mentioning about Princess’ skin problem. The bag contains small samples of popular items from Beauty & The Bees. If you are in Australia, check them out, because they are from Tasmania. The place offers a lot of natural handmade product, using organic ingredients.

They also have a US Store online if anyone is interested.

Inside the sample bag:

Honey and herb baby cream – 15ml

The cream has a more liquid consistency, almost like a lotion. It contains many great ingredients such as carrot oils, leatherwood honey and much more. I can use a little it, and it would smooth over her skin. It does leave a coating, but doesn’t stain, which is good.

Baby Bee honey and herb botty butter – 15ml

Thicker, ointment butter that melts with body heat. It is more easily absorbed than Epaderm ointment, but is also less greasy. I like to use this on the skin folds, so that the sweat does not chaff her skin.

Baby Bee organic calendula massage oil – 25ml

This is scalp ‘lotion’ for Princess Brat, she still has bad cradle cap. Rubbing this on and then leaving it overnight is great. Because I know it is all natural, I do not have to worry about limiting the amount. Plus it seems to help with the redness overall.

Baby Bee honey bee bath – 25ml

This is probably the product that I like the least in the bag. Mainly because I am not sure how well it cleans, and it does not seem to do much in terms of skin rash. Maybe because I am using things like Sukin and Gaia, that her skin is not irritated by soap to begin with. But good news is that it does not sting the eyes.

Baby Bee jojoba and olive oil baby soap (sample size)

Love this soap, it foams up and washes off easily. The jojoba and olive oil has this effect on Princess’ skin that is soothing. Probably because it was small, it dissolved after 6 washes ( 3 each kid). Yes, I used it on Prince Brat too.

Princess Brat: 4 months

There is improvement overall. If you noticed, her elbow is not as red and the rash are not weeping. At this angle, you cannot see how her right face has improved. Princess Brat might look cute here, she is definitely still a banshee.

Please note that the links are not affiliated. Baby Bee was a gift, and I am promoting Australian made products, and this one is one you should have a look at. 

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