Backlist 4: The Heart Forger (The Bone Witch)

The Heart ForgerĀ 

I had forgotten to take a photo of my book when I had it from the library, but it is the same as the one from Amazon. Now, the girl on the cover is wearing something red, and looks a lot older. Kind of like the progression of the story. In the Heart Forger, she stands in the brink of change, hence the cliff?

The Heart Forger
Author: Rin Chupeco
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Bone Witch 2
Buy from: Amazon

Back to Tea

It is the same style: flipping to the present with the Bard, and to the past where Tea becomes the narrator. I think it works better in Heart Forger than Bone Witch, but it is still a slow pace book. Slow because Tea is planning something, and the story moves slowly so we can catch up with the present. As Tea summons her army and moves towards some secret revenge, the Bard now watches as things unfold.

Many things have happened since book 1, there’s a lot of hints here and there about what happens during the gap. Honestly, I am not very impressed by that move. Tea talks in hints now, and trying to make this into a trilogy is probably the main cause of the sluggishness. Sometimes it is important to cut the crap, even if you do not have three books… I did finish it, plus if it were not for this book, I would not have finished Bone Witch.

Story is…

The same actually, Tea takes two books to prepare for something inevitable. 2 Books! While I am left wondering what explosive event is going to happen in book 3, when I finally get my hands on it. I do not dare read the reviews, because it might spoil my opinion of it. In so far, I am torn between calling this book wonderful versus telling the world it’s boring. The world building is great, there’s a lot going on but at the same time we are not going anywhere fun.

I am contradicting myself, but it is true! I am in love with a beautiful painting, but I don’t really get the meaning of it. Tea is a driven girl, and she is moving on from summoning demons to crushing her enemies. All powerful, all Tea wants is the truth, and it eludes her. Sounds like a good game, except that she’s like some villain now in Heart Forger. Almost everyone she loves has turn against her, and I don’t know why.

Bloody gap in the story.

Verdict so far…

As book 3 is already out, I want to finish reading it before giving it a full impression. For now, it seems like I am no longer partial to the series. It is a shame, it has all the good elements, but its weak point threatens to collapse this joint. A story is not complete without a good reason, and now Tea’s reason seems a little… meh to me. If she wanted to rule the world, I would have been happy with that.

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