Bad Neighbor: Book Review

Bad Neighbor
Author: Molly O’Keefe
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Not all bad neighbor is bad

I got this book from the author for a fair review, I have reviewed a few of M O’Keefe’s books before, and I would always recommend them because they are well written.

For Bad Neighbor, it is the same. Well executed romance story, despite a well worn story. The plot is nothing to shout about, but at least readers can find comfort in familiarity. The story alternates between good girl Charlotte and bad boy Jesse. I am not sure why Jesse is a popular name for bad boys, the kind of name that hints: stay away, bad news. But hey, it works.

Bad Neighbor is hot and sweet, like liqueur candy. Sweet sensation that burns as it goes down. Share on X

Yeah that is how I feel about Bad Neighbor, it is like those addictive liqueur candy that looks innocent. Once you bite into that sweet shell, the liquid will flow out and warm your body, intoxicating your mind if you eat too much. While the story and plot is nothing new, the characters are the stars of the show.

Charlotte is there because she had been always the protective sister, this time is no different. She does not belong in Shady Oaks, it is only temporary. But when she met her neighbor, Jesse from 1A, her alarm bells start to ring. That guy is bad news!

Jesse’s first impression of his neighbor is that Shady Oaks might eat her alive, there won’t be even bones to spit out. That is how soft girl from 1B is. However, the walls are so thin, he could hear her every move. It drives him crazy, but Jess knows she is out of his league. And she is not from his world.

Yet fate brought them together, like two pieces of puzzle. They fit despite coming from different worlds, and Charlotte might find that she is special after all. I read this in one go, the style is easy to read. The pace is good, walking speed with a little sprint at times. Overall, you can tell that O’ Keefe knows what she is doing, and her characters seem to be alive.

If you are a romance lover, this is definitely a good one for you. Better read it before Santa gets here though. so you can wish for a bad neighbor for yourself.

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  1. It reminds me a little of the KA Tucker series, damn the name escapes me but same deal. Sweet girl moves into the apartment next to the resident bad boy. This sounds wonderfully written though. I haven’t heard of this author before but so glad you enjoyed it Ailyn, fantastic review! <3

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