Bare Minerals Add-To-Cleanser Skin Polishing Grains Review

Bare Minerals: Mix. Exfoliate. Smooth. Add-To-Cleanser Skin Polishing Grains

I got this from my favourite store here. Though you can also get it from Amazon.

This is for someone who is travelling and doesn’t want to carry too many items. Bare Minerals boasts that this is a natural botanical facial exfoliator: which has sea salts, Chardonnay, Rose, Sweet Orange Peel & Black Rice grains to help clear away dead skin cells. If you can read the ingredients, silica sits on top of the list, while sea salt at bottom. Probably good thing that this does not have perfume, good for those with sensitive skin.

What about Silica?

Ever since we found out about those blue microbeads and how they are choking fish, companies are steering away from those plastic beads. Instead, they are moving towards silica, which is sand. It is naturally available, plus fishes can expel the beads. We know they eat loads of sand without problems, so that’s environmentally friendly.

The only problem is: I did not want it. If I had known that this product contains silica, I would not have bought it. Main reason is that it can be abrasive in larger particles, plus I wanted more of the natural salt and stuff, which is less harsh on my skin. I know I’m not old, but abrasive products can harm skin. Most Asian girls no longer go towards these polishing grains anymore, because they do not want to rub too much off and cause drying and wrinkles.

If you do go to Asia, you would notice that gentle chemical exfoliating products are the rage now. The gentler the better.



To make things stick better, I am using the La Roche Posay’s sensitive skin cleanser. The transparent gel makes the powder stick to my hand so I can get a picture of it. This tiny amount is enough for the face. Mix it well and viola, exfoliate!

My biggest issue: laziness. Now instead of cleansing and exfoliate, I just do it all in one. Unless I have make up on, which I usually cleanse with micellar water, usually I tend to skip cleansing and go straight to scrubbing. So far no problems, but the powder is so fine and light, it is best to put the cleanser on your palm before the polishing grain. Yes, I did it the other way around and there were particles of grains all over my sink.

While I have no issues with this product and its effectiveness, I am sure that I would be jumping off the polishing grain bandwagon soon. My skin is accustomed to the gentler gel format, which I too enjoyed not having my face scrubbed off. The result for both kinds are similar, hence I would prefer not to further damage my pores by rubbing coarse grains over it. I am getting… *ahem* older after all. Collagen production running low and all.

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