BCL SABORINO Morning Mask Review

BCL SABORINO Morning Mask 32 sheets

Get it on Amazon or Ebay if you are interested. I got this from BeautyHeaven’s discovery bag last month. The BCL Saborino is a sheet mask, meant for use in the mornings (this one is). This is the 32 sheet pack, which is quite generous of the them. You can only get them online at the moment if you are not in Japan. The main ingredients are printed on the pack: avocado, mint, citrus and probably eucalyptus oil ( by the skinny leaves I am guessing)

If you want to enlarge this photo:


You can see the full list, translated in English. And you can see the instructions in pictures, but you get the idea when it says sheet mask anyway. When I translated this on Google Translate, it did say to cleanse face. However, if you do not have the routine of cleaning your face, or too busy…  this might get your attention.

The BCL Saborino Morning mask can cleanse (not sure how), tone and prime your skin for make up all in 1 minute. If that does not catch your attention, you must love waking up early a lot. Some days I crawl out of bed to get Prince Brat to school, this wakes me up sufficiently to drive safely. The minty/ menthol smell is more effective than coffee in waking me up. The cooling sensation in autumn/ winter, unbearable.

Open/ Use/ Complain

It had a tab when I first opened this pack, and there is a little plastic sheeting that prevents drying out. Overall a good idea if you are one of those people who does not remember to put the lid back on. But the plastic sheeting is annoying because it moves everywhere, and I doubt it does the work. Aside from the kick in the face in the morning, this mask is not very big

By my standards, it is small. The width is narrow, I wonder if they think girls have narrow square face? As per my usual habit, I left this on for as long as I can. It takes 15 minutes for me to get dressed and ready for school, by then we are just in time to get out of the house.

What do you think? Do I look more awake, or glowing? The sheen is due to my sun screen, which is the SunSense Daily Face tinted. Yeh, that sunscreen does not dry matte, a little bummed. It would have been nice to have it wider, or at least long enough to over my chin. But I cannot complain, even the RRP is only AUD 14 if I do buy it.

For AUD 14 (like maybe USD 10- 11? ) this is a three- in- one working within 60 seconds. The Saborino works in 1 minute, so you can literally cut good time off your daily routine. Of course, if you need to be out and about during the day, and you need a pick me up, this is as good as coffee. That coolness and smell, maybe it’s the cucumber…  As for longevity, it lasts as long as my morning routine, which is a plus for me.


Time hungry or just lazy? This is pretty good for the price, of course do not expect a perfect result such as poreless skin, or something that lasts the whole day. You cannot really substitute the Korean 12 step with this 3- in- 1, but if you are in a pinch, this is better than nothing.

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