Bean Sprouts Kitchen:Simple and Creative Recipes to Spark Kids’ Appetites for Healthy Food

Bean Sprouts Kitchen:Simple and Creative Recipes to Spark Kids’ Appetites for Healthy Food

Bean Sprouts Kitchen
Authors: Shannon Payette Seip, Kelly Parthen
Genre: Kids, recipes, non- fiction
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Have Fussy Kids? Try Bean Sprouts Kitchen

I got this because the cover was cute, then the contents really made me hungry, but I thought that it was cute.

Image from Bean Sprouts Kitchen

Some kids are fussier than others, take my 2 Royal Brats for example: the prince ate nothing, while Princess will lick the platter clean. No price for guessing what motivated me to request this book. apart from the cute looking food, the ingredients are not that terrible: vegetables, rye bread and other seemingly healthy selections.

This is one of the intro pages, which kinda shows what is going to come next. And if you are interested in this book, chances are you prefer preparing your own food, using fresh ingredients.

One Tiny Problem…

image from Bean Sprouts Kitchen

Are you willing to eat this? This armadillo is cute, but that is all it is: adorable food. It is kid- friendly, that means if your kid wants to try out making this, they can. I should have checked the age level for the book, because I don’t think the calorie content is high enough for a kid, unless you make a lot. Another problem I have come across, is that it does not really address the issue for me. I have a really problematic brat, he is bad enough that we are allowed 5 visits to the Dietician a year, covered by Medicare. And we have seen 2 different ones, he just not a kid who eats!

He loves his food, but that armadillo better taste better than it looks. So that is problem number 2: not many of the food/ recipes in the book are actually nice smelling. If that caterpillar smells like lettuce, he ain’t gonna put it in his mouth. He does like roast pork, I think the greasy crispy pork smell is attractive to him? Not sure, but after reading this book, I realise that I cannot actually do any of the recipes. I can, but no one is going to eat it.


Normal fussy kids would probably like the creative effort, and if they have a hand at it, they would probably eat it. But I have one that is actually unwilling to eat, so I have to say that this may not work for me.

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