Because Home Is …a collection of short stories

Because Home Is …a collection of short stories

Author: Chioma Nnani
Genre: Short story, fiction, adult
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Because Home means something to everyone…

I tagged this as “adult” because only an “adult” understands the theme and the message. I am not saying that young people do not get it, but if you have been out and about, stuck in Covid and being in limbo without a safety net, this book hits home. There are only 4 short stories, yet it is enough to explore what that singular word means. I received the book for a fair review, because I haven’t been active in reviewing my books. I still read them, but I haven’t had time to actually sit down and write them.

4 short stories mean that I can’t actually talk much without giving spoilers, right? Let me try anyway…

First Story: Cassandra

My first impression of Cassandra is that she’s made it! A girl who’s carved her place out in the world, and she has always been a go- getter. This one resonates with me. Her description of her family makes me wonder if she’s Asian. But a name like Cassandra Ihuoma Nwoye definitely is not Asian. Then I wondered if parents do indeed fall into certain categories. So her view of home is when she finds someone or a place…

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Second Story: Felix and Trisha

This 2nd story is more of a love story, because home is where the heart is right? We have Trish and Felix, and their relationship is like a tango. Well, in my opinion, it’s like a tango… definitely not a waltz. Although I get confused, the story is short enough that I read it a few times to make sure I can imagine the couple together in an embrace.

Third Story: Seun

This is a story that I do not get, mainly because I am unsure if this story fits with the theme of the book. I could say that because to Seun Chuks Isiguzor, home is a jail? The title is named Lockdown, which makes me think the author is heading in that direction. Anyway, Seun is the villain in his own story, which makes me wonder if he’s here to break the monotony of happy homes. Though I think the author is trying to remind us that not all homes are happy… And we can make our own homes unhappy.

Just a hunch, please don’t shoot me.

Fourth Story: Jade

Now Jade’s story is probably the most powerful one of them all, because her home is a place where she can make a difference. She is the earth shaker, someone who is not afraid to speak up and face the wrath of powerful people. She is someone everyone wants to be, but is afraid to. The story is short but it can still grip my head as I agree with all the words in the passage.


It’s not a long book, I read it in 1 hour. But I also reread it because I was afraid that I might have lost some bits, although Cassandra’s was because I liked it best. If you feel you need a reminder of what home means to you, definitely give this a go. Because Home is whatever we make it.

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