It’s My Birthday! Gift Ideas for a Geeky Beauty Buff

It’s my Birthday~ The Geeky Beauty Buff!

It is not my birthday today, but sometime in the next few days. I just wanted to create a wishlist for myself. When you are my age (read early 30s T_T ) and reach parenthood, all your friends are close friends. Because you have to be more selective with whom you interact. So this list is for people looking for gifts for close friends, it ain’t gonna be general!

Don’t buy just 1 book

I know I read books, people tried to buy me books for my birthday. Let’s be honest, it is pretty mean to buy me “a” book, especially if you do not read. What happens if you buy me book 2 of a series? Then I had to buy book 1, just to be able to read my present. That is unfair.

Buy the whole set!

 I will admit that I am a greedy girl , a box set is easier to wrap, right?

Plus, we can take turns/ share these after I open them. The best part about giving me a whole set of books, is that you do not have to worry about buying the wrong book for me.

Even though I read a lot of different genres, does not mean that I have not read the book that you are buying for me.

Be safe, buy the whole set XD


Don’t buy pretty

I am a geeky beauty buff, so I like pretty stuffs. Like This 3D Witcher Wild Hunt Medallion
So we will have to agree that we all have different taste of what is pretty, but this thing is rad! However, this beautiful thing will probably languish in my closet, because I will never find a reason to wear it more than once. That one time is because it’s my birthday!

Pretty and Functional

JoyiviAntique Silver OM Openable Locket  Aromatherapy Pendant Necklace with 5 Dyed Lava Stones

This OM necklace hopefully helps me meditate on life while wearing it. You can drop your favorite essential oil on the lava stones, and use them as a diffuser on the go. Jewelry can be beautiful and functional too! I chose this design because it is more unisex than most of them on Amazon.

Don’t buy cool toys

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot

Yes, BB-8 is a cool robot you can ‘use’ to send holograms and direct. But I am already 30, sending holograms to kids telling them dinner is ready isn’t going to work (my kids need some serious bribing to eat). After the novelty wears off, this will become a cute but useless toy.

Buy Awesome Toys

Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Now this is my type of robot: it cleans and wipes. Apparently this one can clean up small objects (read LEGO) on the floor. This is what technology has become: it can do many things now. This Wohome brand is quite small as well, it weighs 1kg and is 260 x240 x75mm. My home is a little too big for it, so might have to get a bigger model. Well, this is not really what I want.

No, I want this Laundroid, because laundry is a headache when you have kids that dives into clean sheets.

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  1. Happy belated birthday Ailyn! Hope you had a magical day. These are brilliant ideas but that laundroid is amazing! I can’t help but be a bit dubious that there’s actually a man hiding inside who’s folding the laundry instead though 😀

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