Black Jade : Book Review

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Black Jade is the last of them… I hope

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Black Jade
Author: Kylie Chan
Series: Celestial Battle Trilogy (Book 3)
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Genre: fantasy, Chinese culture, myth
ISBN-13: 978-0062329103

Starting from her Dark Heavens series, Kylie Chan made her debut with White Tiger. Now the story I hope ends with Black Jade, because I can read the tiredness from this book. The characters are tired, the story needs to end, it has been dragging for ages! Emma has been through Dark Heavens trilogy, Journey to Wudang Trilogy and now the Celestial Battle trilogy. My patience with the series is wearing thin, and the characters seem to be lacking some shine that they had in the first few books.

I do have to admire the author’s skill to keep everything consistent, especially when there are so many growth and characters. However, all good set of characters and setting has to end somehow. The reluctance of this author to let her baby go can be worrying, it is like Sherlock Holmes keeps trying to solve more mysteries.

Like I said, this book felt tired. While the characters and settings are still consistent and the story fairly straight, you can feel the lethargy with the shortcuts and the lack of certain details. After reading all eight of her previous books, I will confess I like this book the least. Even in Black Jade, I could see that the story should end, but the author stubbornly tries to keep it alive.


Disappointing, instead of a good closure and good bye, I got a premise for another series/ book. After nine books, three trilogies, I want to rest. I want to be rewarded for my loyalty, saying good bye and have a nice life, not see you next book! Well, the heroine wasn’t that super that I want to see her again.

The most disappointing thing? I actually waited all these years, and not get an ending.


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8 thoughts on “Black Jade : Book Review

  1. That’s unfortunate. A trilogy that’s two books too many. Hate when that happens. For a second there, I thought it was a massive series!

  2. It sounds like the series went waaaay too long sadly. I have the same affliction with the Shadowhunters world. They’ve all been pretty much variations on the original series and you have spin offs and novellas and it gets a bit messy. I had to ditch all the others and so glad I started again with her Lady Midnight series, it’s brilliantly funny. Hopefully she starts to move away from the same world and try something new. Would you be able to read this series without having read all the other books?

    1. probably not, because it is a continuation from the previous premise. Unlike Shadow hunters, you might still be able to get away with not reading about Clary. But this one, you would be unable to follow the story if you miss the first three, after that it’s a rinse and repeat cycle.

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