The Blood Key

The Blood Key
Author: Vaun Murphrey
Publisher: Artemis Femme
Genre: Aliens, Sci- Fi

The Blood Key has an interesting cover

Which was why I got this from Netgalley, the cover hints of a lot of things that will happen to the story. The girl would be Bozena (Zena, or Z) Skala, who was committed in a loony hospital for the disappearance of her other brother Christophe. The story starts with an interaction between her and Doctor Miller, who has an agenda of his own. Written in first person narrative, Bozena is the heroine who is about to have her world turned upside down.

Soon, Bozena finds out about her own inhuman heritage in The Blood Key, and realizes that she might be right about the disappearance of her brother. Together with Dominic and Isabella, she finds out more about herself. Problem is, she finds trouble waiting. Bad things keep happening, and the trio is powerless to stop the avalanche.

The characters are interesting, each have their own issues. Dominic is best friends with her brother, while Isabella is a friend she found when she was committed. Life is more interesting when you have friends. However, there is something lacking, it is not easy to connect with someone who is self- absorbed. Zena’s dad takes the cake with his witty response and selfish retorts, but it does not mean that he does not care about his kids.

Story is unique, but the plot needs work. It is easy to follow this book with its linear plot, hence it can be a bit boring. There is not much branching out, nor there are surprises in store for the readers. In this aspect, the book is disappointing.


The Blood Key is not a bad alien/ sci- fi genre book, it has its moments. The ending had a cliffhanger, which I do not find pleasing. Worse of all, judging by the plot, I think I know where this story is heading. It is kind of a hard decision, recommend or not?

On one hand, it is unique and new; on the other, highly predictable. I guess it is up to the readers.



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