Blood & Water Kindle Edition Review

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Blood & Water Kindle Edition Review

Blood And Water
Author: Katie O’Rourke
Genre: Family/ Friendship/ Come of Age
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The story

I have put come of age in the genre, even though the characters in the stories are adults. This goes to show that even adults need some growing up/ wise- up moment. The story moves around five different characters. Sort of like Love, Actually, if you have seen the movie. The book starts off with Delilah, driving up to Tuscon to see her brother David, who is friends with Tim, who is dating Sara, who is friends with Ally. However, you would notice quickly that the people in Blood & Water do not all know each other.

The appearance of Delilah rocks David’s life, as he struggles with his teenage daughter’s future plans. Sara travels to meet her friend Ally, who is having financial and family issues. Seeing Ally with her kids makes Sara wonder if kids are still on the table with her partner Tim. Tim is your normal bloke, loves his motorcycle and wonders about his future with this girlfriend. There is nothing much to it, there is a small mystery as to why Delilah turns up without warning, but that is about it.

The Characters are the main life of the story, because this is a journey in life. We all know that sometimes, things do not go our way. In Blood & Water, the five characters have the same doubts about decisions and future, as much as I do, if not more. Maybe because I have been there for most of them, I can relate to their insecurities very well, which makes me a fan. I know that some might find the pace a little slow, to me it is acceptable.


In Blood & Water, it reminds readers that life is not always good, not even on paper. But it is okay to persevere and hope for the best Click To Tweet

The ending gives me reassurance and closure. It reinforces that life is not just about adventure and mystery. Blood might be thicker than water, but even strangers can have an impact. I have listed adult as my tag, mainly because I think that only adults understand the message Blood & Water is trying to impart. You will not be able to truly appreciate the book unless you have went through the same fear and worry as the characters have.

However, there are no mature themes in the book.

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