Bodacious Creed: a Steampunk Zombie Western

Bodacious Creed: a Steampunk Zombie Western
Author: by Jonathan Fesmire
Series: The Adventures of Bodacious Creed Book 1
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What does the Cover Say about Bodacious Creed

Bodacious Creed is a Steampunk crime novel. The period of this story I am not generally sure, it says 1876 Wild West. But the story comes with a twist, where there is an alternative source called Ether that powers the land. With this Ether, people can create automatons, but only the rich can really afford it. The automatons help out the with the heavy lifting. The story is written in third person point of view, flipping between many character for a smoother story telling.

The cover is obviously depicting a person who is dead, because the hands look pretty pale and the lack of blood means no circulation. The mask is used to cover his face, so that people don’t get too scared seeing a dead person running around.

The story

While the author tries to keep the readers interested in James “Bodacious” Creed, I find myself drawn to another key character in the story: Anna Boyd. This girl is a Madam who owns House of Amber Doves, a restaurant and a pleasure house. Anna herself is not your typical madam who has had been short- changed by life. She looks after her doves/ girls, but also has a few tricks up her sleeve.

The story starts before James Creed becomes what the synopsis says: zombie. Even though the story has a slower pace at the start, I did not mind it. Firstly, there is a sense of anticipation, Anna is looking forward to something. Then there was a lot of shooting and chasing, which is also a fun thing to read. The story is linear, following the characters as they react to the events that happen in chronological order.

Then it turns for exciting for me, zombie rats and a lot of spying and tricky situations. Aside from trying to solve a crime by catching Corwin Blake, the guy who shot and killed him, Creed does a few good deeds here and there. Hence he was… attracting too much attention.

Good Parts

For me, reading this is like watching a television show where you would constantly yell to the poor characters “behind you!” and then watch in horror as your hero gets shot. There are a lot of those scenes, but I never get tired of it. Each situation is unique, and the pace is quick but not relentless.

The development of James Creed as a character is pretty cool, he’s like a Captain America, only dead. Brave and daring before his demise, then he becomes fearless after death. Well, he is technically a zombie. Even our villain Corwin Blake has hidden agendas everywhere he goes. My favourite would have to be Anna Boyd, she is strong and sassy. Anna is also an inventor, the person who caused this.

Bad Parts

It does drag on, I feel like this book needs to be 1/3 thinner. I know all about Anna, but Bodacious Creed is a mystery, like the book. He is hard to relate to, even if he is the hero of the story.


I do like Steampunk as a genre, but not many people can do it well. This is a success for a first book in the series, and I do hope that the second one does not disappoint. There is no romance, only a lot of swearing and shooting. Borderline New adult, this is one that younger audience will struggle to grasp if they even understand what they are reading. 3

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