Her Book Boyfriend Review

Her Book Boyfriend
Author: K. R. Grace
Genre: YA, Romance
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Her Book Boyfriend

Macey is having problems with her dating life: she has one. At school, she is the shield for her best friend, Cam. According to the book, Cam is a girl magnet, so he needs Macey to pull the girls off him. Metaphorically, of course. After dragging along a few pages, Macey has a bright idea, why not follow her favorite author’s romance tips to get a date for prom?

The list

Here is why you should not let your young adult read this book: the list. This list is terrible, it’s a poor example of how to find a date for prom, a poorer example on how to go finding the love of your life. Granted, this is fiction, and it is just fun. But telling a teenage kid that it is okay to pretend that you are someone else, isn’t good advice.

While the list is funny, if you are a person who is confident and self assured. Most of us are not, at the age of young and new, so Macey would have stuck with advice such as be yourself, and screw prom. The worse part, is that her friends seem to go along with it.

The Characters

Macey: supposed to be the heroine. She is a good friend, who constantly thinks that she is a smart nerd. With all her smartness, she seems to miss the hints her best friend throws at her.

Cam: the best friend, the guy whom is a little confusing and odd. The story paints him as a man slut who cannot handle rejecting girls, so he got his best friend to do it for him. While it makes good entertainment, I do question his integrity as a man/ friend/ person. Not to mention I don’t really click with him.

Other friends: not very memorable at best, lousy cliché at worst. Really, as I got to know the gang at school, it reminded me of Pitch Perfect, this book even has a very quiet Asian girl! Someone on Amazon commented that it was racist, but I think it’s just her being inspired by that movie.

The Verdict

It is bad… I’m sorry but it is a bad way to start a book. I could not understand how

  • A girl not realize that her best friend has a crush on her with ALL THE HINTS he’s been throwing around.
  • How suddenly she went from invisible to highly popular? Yes we are in a YA scene, but keep it real.
  • How could her girlfriends not tell her the truth about her best friend Cam? Is there a secret code I didn’t know about?
Her Book Boyfriend is funny and lighthearted, but it only gets two stars from me. Click To Tweet

I would have to say: skip this book for a better YA romance, something that is more empowering. While it was entertaining, there are too many story gaps to make it enjoyable. Not to mention the characters who seem to fit more into cliches than the real world.

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  1. I completely agree Ailyn and although it sounds lighthearted, I’m not a fan of deception in books where the main character is posing as someone else. It’s only one step away from catfishing in this case. Without her being oblivious to her best friend being into her, there doesn’t sound as though there’s much of a storyline here sadly. Not one I’ll be adding to my list any time soon. Wonderful review Ailyn and I hope your next read knocks your socks off <3

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