Book & Mask 1: Awesome Hair Days and Santa Mask

misc 03Merry Christmas! I am sure that everyone needs a good facial during this special holiday.

It is 40C here, on Christmas day. wouldn’t it be nice and Santa sends a miracle, some snow would be good. Instead, we can’t even have a barbecue outside due to the fire bans. Everything is so dry, it only takes little to start a fire.

I have decided to combine two of my favorite things into a review, Book & Mask is a review of the book I was reading, while doing facial using sheet mask. Well, why not?

Book & Mask Book Review

100 Awesome Hair Days coupled with a souvenir from Korea: Character Mask. This book is mainly for girls with long hair. And if you are a parent and would want to learn how to tie your daughter’s hair, this book is great for you to try. I know what you are thinking, that there is no time for fancy hair dos when you are busy trying to get those kids out during the day.

This book not only has some easy ones, but it also has great hair ideas for special occasions. At the back, it also has tips and tricks for looking after your hair. This book is not as good as having Youtube videos on hand, but it is the next best thing if you get frustrated with videos.
Here is a small example:
misc 07

It does not look clear, because it is just to show how the book is laid out with all the pretty pictures. The instructions are at the bottom, but the step by step images are more helpful of course.


This is not a book for someone who is learning how to tie hair, it does require some form of skill. If you know how to tie a ponytail, or do a bun, this book contains a few good easy hair looks. My favorite looks are ones that are almost impossible to do all by myself. Worse still, Princess Brat is still bald, no one to experiment on =(


Sheet Mask Review

Yes, the Character Mask features Santa Claus, this Face Shop mask is supposed to moisturize and hydrate your skin. The Santa Mask contains Hyaluronic acid, which is great during dry season. Basically I just left it on until my skin absorbs all the goodness from the mask.

Here is the look of it, I beg you please do not laugh.misc 05


The mask is not made out of flimsy material that tears when you apply some force on ti. I admit that it looks funny, not like Santa. I am reminded of those Chinese opera singers, or Japanese Kabuki singers. Comment below if I do look like Santa’s evil twin.


The Face Shop does have good quality sheet mask, this Character ones are no exception. With a little bit of festive fun, here is to still trying to look your best during this silly season. After just one mask, leaving it on for as long as I can (like 40 minutes), I love how my skin feels after. The mask leaves no sticky residue, and my skin is feeling less dry after. The effect lasted about a day, which is pretty good.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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