Book and Mask 5 : Tatting with Anne Orr & Snail Gold Mask


Tatting is an interesting craft

If you haven’t heard of tatting before, it is an old craft that is enjoying a revival of sorts. Tatting is basically tying little knots and manipulating them into picots and flowers to form lace. The tatting yarn is more like crocheting yarn, finer the prettier, but a headache for beginners.

The book I got from Netgalley on a request, I was interested to see the patterns. I had hoped to read more about tatting and how to do it well. If you are a beginner, this is not a good book for you.The book contains a lot of vintage patterns for doilies, handkerchiefs and even a bonnet/ cap. It is really cool, but essentially useless unless you understand the terms and know how to tat well.

For me, I was lost, tatting is still a new skill for me. Yes, those shuttles are mine. I take pride in trying to learn new craft skill, no matter how bad I am overall. I can knit and crochet, but my tension gauge is always wrong. Bleh, when my mom taught me how to knit, she called me stupid because I couldn’t purl.


Tatting With Anne Orr

Gold and Snail Mask…luxury

Got this special mask as a souvenir/ Christmas present. It was from a guilty cousin of my husbands, he (the cousin) loves beauty products, and prides on being young looking. The mask is a symbol of luxury facial mask, because not only the mask has gold woven into the material, it was dripping in snail goo.

It’s not that bad, thicker than my normal snail sheet mask, and twice as much in volume. After applying for an hour or two, my skin had never felt that great. Smooth and invigorated, I could see myself buying more of these if I can afford the price tag. Happy that I get to try this at least once.


Yes, flashy mask. Gold is said to make you younger, but I never know how or why. Is it an antioxidant like silver? Or it possess some free- radical locking, and can temporarily stop the damage. I haven’t read up any research on this, so at the moment I am enjoying the effects of a good facial sheet mask.

No wonder that guy is always so young looking.

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