Boss Witch: Fix-It Witches #2

Boss Witch is the 2nd book for Ann Aguirre’s Fix-It Witches Series. The first being Witch Please. This time is about Clementine Waterhouse, and since we knew her from book one, you need to read the series in order to catch up on things. The story kind of continues from the first part, where Danica has somehow attracted a witch hunter into their town. For some reason, Clementine takes it as her job to make that the coven stays hidden.


Clementine’s idea was to find out what the witch hunter wants, and hopefully distract him away from his cause. Gavin Rhys is not someone who is easily distracted, but he finds himself attracted to this mysterious girl who is clearly out to seduce him. The story flips between Clementine’s worry, Gavin’s doubt, and their interactions. Unlike Danica, Clementine has a plan and intends to see it through.

Hence, with their light-hearted banter and snarky remarks, there is an underlying tone of something about to explode in their faces. Gavin continues to shove his worries about his real job down, while Clementine seeks more support from her coven. Of course, let’s not forget grandma Waterhouse, who is intent on messing everything up with her quest to make Clementine’s parents come together.

Seriously, if that old woman is related to me, I would have not hesitated to cut her off. That grandma has control issues from the get go.


It is a romance with a light touch of comedy. I enjoy the banter for both Fix-It Witches, but for Boss Witch it is more the vibe of ‘ this is gonna blow’! The story draws to a close, even though there is a 3rd Fix-It Witches book in the series. For me, I get to know the two cousins, and that is enough. While I like the premise of the story, it is not enough to keep my interest, now that the bad boy and the logical girl have finally found each other.

Definitely a good light read if you are looking for a chick-flick vibe witch story.

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