Bring Me Back by B. A. Paris

Bring Me Back

Bring Me Back
Author: B. A. Paris
Genre: Thriller, Psycho fiction
Amazon Hardcover, Kindle

Bring Me Back: keeps bringing you back

I borrowed and read this book ages ago, and after months the story has not really left my head. The feels and shock stays with me for a few days and even know I recall the events that makes the book memorable. Anyway, there is some difference between Australian and America cover. It is not much but nice hints on the Australian cover.

First of all, this is my first B A Paris book, so I have nothing to compare to. I see some reviews that this is not as good, but we will see.


Ten years ago it was Finn and Layla. Then Layla disappeared and younger sister Ellen took her place. It is nothing out of the ordinary about the start, a relationship started because of a lost loved one. Finn and Ellen are about to tie to the knot when he receives a phone call from the detective who was investigating Layla’s disappearance.

Layla’s disappearance was not suspicious, it was like she evaporated into thin air one day. When Finn was at his lowest, her sister Ellen appears and helps him back on his feet. So the two bond over the lost of Layla.

Except now, there are hints that Layla is back.


Although the story has been in its grips, it takes a while for me to immerse into it. Finn and Ellen are a normal couple with no big gestures, and it was getting a little boring before the first Russian doll appears. Well, the entire book is full of dolls and hints. Some may find it annoying, but I think if this is a movie it will not as jarring.

While Finn appears to be a nice guy, he struggles to be a good person. He wants to love Ellen, but he still thinks about Layla, and he knows that it is not fair to either sister. Finn needs to find Layla because it will give him closure and move on, at the same time he wonders which sister he loves more. Sometimes he is annoyed with Layla, but sometimes he misses her.

Ellen, younger sister, feeling sometimes as the usurper. The sight of the hints clearly rattled her, Layla might be still alive, and she might want her man back. Her reactions are within reason, if you are in her shoes. But the hints breaks whatever peace Ellen has with Finn.


Like it or love it, I fall into the latter. I read unprepared, or perhaps I was a willing participant to the deception. Finn and Ellen feels real, they have traits like turning a blind eye, or becoming unwilling to face some hard facts. It was a semi- thrilling journey with Finn and Ellen. Although if I have been paying attention, I might be a harsher critique.

So, it’s a good read, because this is my first B A Paris book.

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