Brite Purple Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Recently I coloured my hair, because I haven’t done so for years and felt like I needed a change. Red is one of my favourite colours because it flatters me. But it is also the colour that gets washed out pretty quickly. So my friend suggested Brite Semi- Permanent colour. I got mine in purple because it can tone down the brassy colour.

Brite makes them cruelty free and vegan, which is a bonus if you are after a semi- permanent colour that isn’t bad for the planet. I wasn’t looking for any brand in particular, since my friend recommended it, I figured it is a brand that works. Brite says it works on very light hair or pre-lightened hair.

So this is my before photo, when I first got my nice new colour.

How It Brite Hair Colour Looks

This is what the cream looks like when you squeeze it out of the tube, and yes, I should have worn gloves.

Because my hand looked like this after

Fortunately, it washes off after a few times. With frequent hand washing, it fades fairly quickly. The cream feels a little on the slimy side, and as you can see, it sticks on skin quite well.

How To Use

You can put the colour onto your coloured hair undiluted, which is straight from the tube. But since I am not aiming to have purple hair, I squeezed a lot into my conditioner. I feel like I squeezed around 30- 50ml into a 940ml conditioner bottle (brand new). It is part of my hair wash routine, but only when I shower at home on Tuesdays and weekends. While the recommendation is 10 minutes, I don’t leave it in that long, probably a minute or two.


I do not deny that I need another hair do, and it looks purple in real life. Blame my poor photo taking skills and lighting, but you have to admit that it works pretty well for a handful of colour in 2 minutes. Since it is to reduce the orange, brassy tones, I think it works for me. The additional multiple shades of bleached and purple is not bad, and it does not dry my hair like old permanent hair colours do.

It is Brite comes in other shades too, it comes in Rose, Pink and other shades. I am, however, interested to see if you have used other brands and if they are good.

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