Brtc Ginseng Stem Cell Mask

Brtc Ginseng Stem Cell Mask

I do love my daily face masks, I saw this Ginseng Stem Cell mask from BRTC in Malaysia and knew that I had to give it a go. The mask is made in Korea, BRTC is a reputable brand that has quite a wide range of beauty products.

The ingredient lists does not contain stem cells, but a few plant extracts. It does contain ginseng callus, but it is not the famed Red ginseng. Other interesting extracts lichen, Korean pasque flower extract, and Korean pepper. The mask is marketed as an anti- wrinkle and a nourishing mask for a more resilient skin.

Mask and Feel

BRTC uses Tencel skin fabric mask. I Googled and found out that Tencel is made in Austria, and has Ecocert, which is certified organic. Another interesting factor about the skin mask, is that it is eco- friendly. Tencel is also very absorbent, and has anti- bacterial properties, and it can absorb fair more liquid than normal cotton would.

Even though the mask is so thin, you can see through, it actually is saturated with the solution. The recommended application is around thirty minutes, but I left it on longer to see how long the mask stayed wet. The mask is indeed impressive when it comes to absorbency, as it lasted around an hour.

I can’t actually remember how much I bought it for, but it was a deal buy. Too bad I only bought a box, would have been great to have a few more.


The mask works pretty well, the most obvious skin improvement is the hydration. My skin feels so moisturised, it is a pity that it does not last very long. This mask is great for a big day, it will probably last the whole day if you use it in the morning on a clean face.

I have always been a fan of Korean and Japanese face masks, mainly because they deliver, and the cost is quite reasonable. If you are travelling to Asia, definitely consider getting one of these BRTC masks.

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