Bubble Clay Mask Bioaqua Carbonated Mask Review

Bubble Clay Mask Bioaqua Carbonated Mask by BioAqua Skin Care

I got it from: Ebay on a whim as I was looking for some facial mask, this one is AUD $9.52.


This is a carbonated mask that also contains jojoba, oats and other interesting stuff, but bear in mind that this is a product that is made in China. The mask apparently boasts to improve hydration as well as a deep cleanse, all in one simple 5 minute routine. Well, like you, I am also unconvinced that it works. Though, the anti- ageing part of the product is actually pig placenta proteins. Asians have long believed that placenta has some benefit in collagen and youth regeneration.

Some products have sheep placenta, actually pig placenta is not as popular. Though if you are not a person who is into animal protein, be aware about this *interesting* addition.

As for me, I have tried sheep placenta, not that I am squeamish. Though I do hope that the piglet had already been born before the placenta is harvested >.<

The hydrating factor might be the oats and sodium hyaluronate, though jojoba is another good ingredient for moisture sealing. Then you have clay (kaolin) as a clarifying part in the formulation. Hence, the only question I have, is how does this create bubbles. Maybe is the alcohol/ polymer combination? This mask only starts to bubble after you apply it onto your face.

Bubbling of Carbonated Mask

I am sure that you can see the amount of tiny bubbles forming from the carbonated mask. It feels like I have been soaking my skin in soft drink! Even the thin layer can generate some interesting bubbles. My theory is that the air stimulates a reaction, because it’s pretty inert when in the jar. So this is the deep cleansing part of the mask. Which is an interesting feeling for the first time.


Does it work?

I guess that is the million dollar question to this very intriguing pot of carbonated mask. What would they think of next, and why do I keep falling for false claims? Well, I guess I was willing to part with AUD10 to give it a go? Plus, if it does work, I could have found a useful product in my routine. While the deep cleanse part did not work as well, I do think that it does help somewhat with the oil control and the hydration part.

After all, five minutes wasn’t long enough to dry out this mask.


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  1. You just made me think of something I hadn’t thought of for years. My grandfather used to tell everyone that China had the best skin cream and anti-aging products. He would only buy something if it was used in China for his skin. Ah, memories!

    1. i would probably disagree now. China has this testing on animals rule that I am not really keen on. But Korea, Japan and Taiwan are now moving towards cruelty free so it would be better

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