Cafe Series by Jana Aston Review

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Cafe Series by Jana Aston Review

Genre: Adult Romance

Get the whole set here (Amazon), the Cafe series has 3 main novels and a novella that is also sizzling hot. As you can see, the covers are pretty simplistic and the man candy are hopefully featuring different men. Although I am kinda sad that they look younger than they supposed to be? Or maybe young guys in suits are attractive to the audience that she is reaching, don’t know. But the content is definitely adult and hot.


Wrong is first book of the Cafe series, featuring undergraduate Sophie. What was supposed to be a crush turned hilariously embarrassing for the all of us girls. Because, as per synopsis, she turns up looking for birth control pills, and he’s the gynaecologist working there. If that does not tickle your fancy, Sophie is also pretty cute and innocent, making her a really unique character to play around with in Wrong.

I may be a little sadistic? But aside from having her crush as a doctor, Sophie has to content with more than that. The whole front was cringing and funny (I cringe while I pitied her ordeal), I did laugh because it’s borderline nightmare for some of us girl. So, like all adult books, plenty of hot action happening through out the book. By far this is my favourite in the series.


While two wrongs does not make a right, Right tries to outdo Wrong, but while it did not really succeed, it is still a great read. Book 2 of the Cafe series sees Beverly “Everly” chasing the love of her life around, well… she’s doing the chasing while he’s doing the running. Everly is a main fixture in book one, so while this is a great standalone, it helps to read Wrong to understand the back story for our girl here. Sophie and Everly are work mates, so we do know a bit about her from the start. The author starts the book assuming somewhat that you know about our heroine here.

If Wrong is cringy, this one is infuriating! Don’t give this book to a man, he might find ideas that would melt someone’s heart away. Not that it is romantic (definitely is though), it is the sense of conquer which I find a little uncomfortable with. Though Everly is a conquest girl as well, so I guess this whole book is for someone who likes a challenging courtship? Plenty of dating ideas for the uninitiated. Sophie remains a good friend, so if you are curious about Sophie’s progress after the book, you can read it here.


Fling is the novella of sorts in the Cafe series, only around 80 pages to the full length novels in the set. Though for 80 pages is enough for our Sandra, who is connected to the Right book. Sandra’s shy and has a crush on someone at work. Nothing much to say about 80 pages of interactions, but this book is probably the most cliche one out of them all.


Chloe Scott is probably the most well fleshed out character in the whole Cafe series, perhaps the author had 3 books to brew her out of sugar and spice. Chloe is awkward with adults, so she’s a school teacher! YAY! In terms of cringe- worthiness, Chloe takes second place, only because her date’s not a doctor but a cop. Trust is cringe- worthy if you are the best friend/ wingwoman for Chloe. She tells knock knock jokes when she is panicking, on a date.

In Trust, the timeline shifts nine months after Sophie’s story. Chloe is best friend of Everly, so she does know Sophie.

So how to date someone who has anxiety issues on a date?

Might have to read and find out.


All four books are very distinctive, their story is interesting for an adult themed book. I have thoroughly enjoyed the series, and I think if you like your hot steamy love stories with a good story, this might be up your alley. Though if you are not a fan of large age gaps- probably not dwell too long in the book. With exception of Fling, most the pairings have around ten year age gaps. I am not really fussed, because ten is probably my limit but some may find it a little yucky?

Overall, I love the Cafe series and I think Jana Aston’s my new favourite romance writer.


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