Caitlin’s Song

Caitlin’s Song

Caitlin’s Song
Author: John A. Heldt
Series: Carson Chronicles 4
Genre: Time Travel, romance, thriller

Fourth Book of the Series

River Rising is the first book, and is the one you will have to start as it is a continuous journey, despite the differences in time line. This time, it is Caitlin’s turn, I was hoping that the twins share one, as twins do. However, Caitlin’s Song is one that deviates from his usual stint. Mainly because this is more about Caitlin than the events that happens around them. Settling in Boulder, Chicago in 1962, the family now opts to stay together and have as much fun as possible while waiting for the next time jump. Due to events in Indian Paintbrush,  the family now makes an unscheduled stop there.

Their original goal still stands: finding their parents. In Boulder, Caitlin and Cody both managed to get into college. On the other time line, in another state, their parents found something devastating. For the first time in history (pun intended), there is a dual time line in his book.

Kids Versus Parents

On one hand, the kids are having a good time in Boulder. Now they have help, and this makes their life slightly easier… well, until someone slips up of course. Of course, no story is fun if everything is smooth sailing. The parent’s time line/ story is less fun, they had just found some very bad news about of one of their children, no prize for guessing it is Caitlin. At different time lines, the children are unaware what their parents are trying to pull off.

This is one serious mission, one that can mess up someone’s life. But Tim and Caroline/ dad and mom stop caring for that little while, family is more important. Of course, things do not go their way, and they are left with no other choice but to accept things that will come. Then again, sometimes you do not need to make big choices, even small insignificant gestures will create a cascading effect.


Perhaps the message in Cailtin’s Song is not about family, but actions. Clearly in the book, the whole theme is about what love can do. The two separate stories tell us that much, and the ending reinforces. I think, while this might not be full of historical tidbits (not as much) or as fun. The romance is sweet, what held on to me most is the parent’s adventure. Hence, this book resonates to me more, perhaps I have kids myself?

Overall, Caitlin’s Song is now my favourite story of them all. Mainly the shine of their parent’s love, highlighting the reason why the children are willing to go such lengths to reunite the family.

By the Way

I am still gaming hard, I am trying very hard to get money for some upgrades.. so I can progress on the game slightly easier in the future. I am close to the last parts of the game, but decide to really strengthen my character before the Guardian Ape. It’s a tough fight, I know I can win, but it’s what comes after that bother’s me.

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